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Best brunches to try in Milan

To enjoy the spring days, between a good cup of coffee a plate of pancakes and many other delicacies

Best brunches to try in Milan To enjoy the spring days, between a good cup of coffee a plate of pancakes and many other delicacies

After a long week spent chasing public transport, busy with work calls and university exams, it's nice to slow down. We look forward to the weekend to sleep in and indulge in those little treats we can't manage from Monday to Friday. After a good restful sleep and before diving into our hobbies, nature or leisure time, an appointment will make time more enjoyable, especially on long spring days. Driven by the shining sun in the sky, we dress up and leave the house, with only one project in mind: indulging in sweets, fruit smoothies, cappuccinos, and savory dishes. Destination? Brunch! Yes, but where? Milan offers various options, capable of satisfying every taste, from those following a vegan diet to those preferring ethnic food, not to mention the most indulgent lovers of cakes and pastries.

G-Club has selected some Milanese places to be where you can enjoy an excellent brunch. Are you already hungry?

The Doping Bar

@dove_mangiamo_oggi Avete mai visto un brunch così bello??? Ho provato il nuovo brunch di The Doping Bar Da oggi disponibile tutte le domeniche Si trova vicino ai navigli, la location è veramente bellissima!! Brunch buonissimo e abbondante accompagnato da Dj-Set Incluso nel prezzo avete: BUFFET dolce e salato (c’è veramente di tutto!! Frutta, formaggi, dolci, biscotti, yogurt, muffin, ecc…) 1 CALICE DI CHAMPAGNE 1 DRINK A SCELTA FOCACCIA ROTONDA —> ½ liscia, ½ crudo e burrata RISOTTO con pecorino, gel di tuorlo e guanciale MELANZANA GRIGLIATA con cipollina, aglio nero e insalata CONTROFILETTO con Cime di rapa aglio olio e peperoncino, demi-glace INSALATA VERDE Davvero spaziale!! Mai vista una cosa del genere dovete assolutamente provarlo!! Il costo totale è di 45€ ma ne vale davvero la pena!! Che ne dite?? Lo proverete? Fatemi sapere che ne pensate con un commento, e taggate qualcuno con cui andare #supplied #suppliedby #milano #milan #food #foodie #foodlover #love #cibo #italy #italian #brunch #sunday #sundaybrunch #brunchdelladomenica #domenica #lunch #buffet #abbondante #milanofood #foodblogger #blogger #travel #fyp #foryou #girl #champagne #cibo #navigli #duomo suono originale - Dove_mangiamo_oggi

The British charm in Milan. Just stepping into the Doping Bar, part of the boutique hotel Aethos Milano, catapults you into a vintage and cosmopolitan mood, with velvet sofas, antique tables, poufs, cinema seats, rugs, tapestries, worn suitcases, paintings, and flags. Camping on the large wooden tables, in this fascinating mix'n match, is a buffet that mixes savory, sweet, and fruit. The choice includes blackberries, strawberries, apples, kiwis, bananas, yogurt, cereals, muffins, donuts, croissants, pancakes, caprese salad, cooked ham, and many other delights. To complete the offer of the Sunday brunch, curated by the Zaïa restaurant, there is the ad hoc menu: focaccia with raw ham and burrata, risotto with pecorino cheese, yolk gel, and bacon, sirloin steak with garlic, oil, and chili rapini, demi-glace sauce, grilled eggplant, green salad, and champagne. The plus of a brunch at Doping Bar? For mixology enthusiasts, there is a rich cocktail list.

Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio, 8


Just take a look at Malìa's Instagram profile to make your mouth water and desire to taste the double-paste croissant filled with ricotta and red fruits, the savory croissant with stracciatella, cherry tomatoes, and basil, or the lemon tart. Each delight is made with the best ingredients such as Belgian butter, Vesuvius honey, and slow natural leavening, inspired by Neapolitan tradition for both sweets, such as babà and sfogliatelle, and savory dishes such as escarole pizzas and "azzeccata" potato and provola pasta. Every Sunday from 12:30 to 14 there is brunch. It's an opportunity to relax and taste marinated zucchini, meatballs with tomato sauce, eggplant parmesan, but also pancakes, brioche, and the classic savory babà. All accompanied by water, coffee, and orange juice.

Viale Legioni Romane, 55 and Piazza 6 Febbraio, 22

Nowhere Coffee

Nowhere Coffee is the archetype of Australian coffee shops, a place with roasting with pink walls and a cozy, easy-going atmosphere where you can relax among books, vinyl records, magazines, trying different gastronomic traditions and drinking your favorite coffee from the wide selection ranging from Coffee Choco Caramel Cardamom Bun, made special by sweet paprika and Maldon salt, to the original espresso tonic based on coffee, tonic water, and ice. Try the brunch including smashed avocado, Moroccan-style carrots, and a version of shakshuka revisited with egg in spicy harissa sauce, tomatoes, red peppers, and coriander, mixed with "pappa al pomodoro" and Turkish "menemen," served with sourdough bread. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available. Still a bit peckish? How about a chocolate brownie or a cardamom and cinnamon bun?

Via Vetere, 14

Deus Café

Deus Café is a restaurant-bar with the atmosphere of a garage-workshop where, among motorcycles and bicycles, you can chat, drink, and eat. Every Sunday morning awaits you with à la carte brunch proposals ranging from blueberry pancakes, maple syrup, and bacon to sandwiches, from classic bread and Nutella to eggs Benedict, passing through fruit salad bagels, burgers, and big salads. All accompanied by very fresh smoothies, perfect for sipping outdoors enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

Via Genova Thaon di Revel, 3

Ofelè Caffè & Coccole

Where there used to be an 1800s monastery, with a hidden garden behind, you now find Ofelè Caffè & Coccole. A magical place, almost out of time, to chat, laugh with friends, or read a good book while sipping coffee or eating a homemade treat. On Sundays, the appointment is with brunch. The menu is always different, but includes a hot drink like American coffee or tea, a choice dish, for example, a bagel with avocado and salmon, a beverage, from water to juice, and dessert. The plus? The wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, but also the relaxed and family atmosphere.

Via Savona, 2