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Our 5 tips if you are about to go to Madrid

The restaurant and places you can't miss during your trip to the Spanish capital

Our 5 tips if you are about to go to Madrid The restaurant and places you can't miss during your trip to the Spanish capital

Madrid is a surprising city. Want to know more? According to the Pendolaria 2024 report - Special Urban Areas by Legambiente, the city has more kilometers of subway than all the major Italian centers combined. What can we deduce? A well-connected city is a livable city: metro lines that run until 2 a.m. on weekdays to make you feel less alone, late-night venues creating a bright city that feels safer for all women and minorities who often feel endangered. As if that weren't enough, the Spanish government in recent years has extended parental leave to both parents almost equally, introduced menstrual leave, and expanded its reputation as a progressive country worldwide. Madrid embodies all of this and carries these characteristics. It's a friendly, inclusive, and agile capital that preserves traditions but projects them into the future. We recommend some unique locations to spend quality time in the Spanish capital.

What to see in Madrid: Wilko

Born two years ago, Wilko represents a multicultural meeting point within the Moncloa neighborhood, mainly inhabited by university students and young professionals. Wilko is a perfect place for networking and draws its aesthetics from the experience of owner Marcus, who lived in Berlin shortly after the fall of the wall. The food is absolutely delicious, whether you want to have breakfast with something sweet or savory. Given the success of the place, from April Wilko will be open on Fridays and Saturdays with Wilko night, a nighttime version where you can enjoy quality natural wine, craft beers, and kombucha. The fox symbol is a tribute to Marcus's son, who inspired it.

Noburu café

Meticulously curated by an architect, Noburu café is the brainchild of an editor who aims to blend the flavors of her home country with completely innovative tastes. It's located in the Malasana neighborhood, a place full of venues, colors, and novelties. Noburu café was designed for this very reason: to change every time and expand like the neighborhood itself. Only recycled materials are used and the branding is outstanding, with an artistic touch. Highly recommended are the desserts and their savory croissants, to be enjoyed alone or with friends.


Created by two young Argentine girls, Chorchito has been open for only 5 months but has already captured a large slice of the population. Here natural wines and quality food are perfect for dinner or an aperitif in soft lighting, in a neighborhood full of life and movement. The metro stop is Lavapies, not far from the Reina Sofia Museum.

Ramses and Fun Fun Madrid

If you want to completely change the genre and enjoy a dinner with a view of Puerta de Alcalà, which is one of the symbols of Madrid, Ramses is the place for you. 100% organic and completely Spanish products. We had the chance to try their organic menu, a dream. Amazing cocktails. If you're vegan, Fun Fun is the most suitable place. Located a stone's throw from the Royal Palace of Madrid, it stands out for its completely animal-free menu and its choice of exclusively local products. The meticulously curated decor resembles an artist's studio.