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Divorce is so cool right now

For Emrata and many more the end of a marriage is a time to celebrate

Divorce is so cool right now For Emrata and many more the end of a marriage is a time to celebrate

For decades, divorce has been viewed as something to be ashamed of. Saying goodbye officially to one's spouse has long been experienced, more so for women than for men, as a failure, a scarlet letter, indicating a deficiency, being inadequate to fulfill (until death do us part) a social institution existing for centuries. However, in recent times, things are changing. More and more people are rejecting the negative stigma surrounding the end of a marriage and celebrating their renewed single status as the powerful first act of the next chapter of their lives. No more hiding, no more shedding tears or worrying about what people think. Once the breakup is processed, it's time to reclaim one's present and future. And to do it with joy, even with lightness.

Is Divorce Worth Celebrating?

There's a famous picture of Nicole Kidman happily exiting her lawyer's office after finalizing her divorce from Tom Cruise, raising her arms to the sky like a carefree child, skipping lightly and confidently into the future. Twenty years later, it's Emily Ratajkowski's turn to celebrate her renewed singleness. The model made headlines by showcasing her divorce rings on Instagram. After separating from her film producer husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, she decided to repurpose her engagement ring into two large diamond rings. "The rings represent my personal evolution. I don't think a woman should be deprived of her diamonds just because she's losing a man." Emrata said, humorously reiterating what she previously expressed at the Victoria's Secret World Tour runway show: "I think there are a lot of taboos surrounding divorce and a lot of shame. I think it's not helpful, especially for young women trying to get out of bad relationships. I want to spread some positivity and I think divorce, deciding to leave a relationship despite financial difficulties, despite what it will mean for your kids, everything, is really brave. I want women to feel better about it."


personally i find it chic to be divorced by the age of 30

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Drew Barrymore's Words

It's time to rethink everything about divorce, according to Drew Barrymore. Recently, the actress and talk show host stated that she will no longer be ashamed and will not waste any more time worrying about what people think of her past relationships: "I have been so ashamed of divorce. Then something happened and I thought I was no longer willing to feel this way." The topic came up as Barrymore was discussing Jennifer Lopez's Can't Get Enough music video. Inspired by her Drew, who has been divorced three times (from Jeremy Thomas in 1995, from Tom Green in 2002, and from Will Kopelman in 2016), explained her new approach: "When you find yourself in a situation that isn't working out the way you hope and want, you accept it and improve the quality of life by moving forward. And for me, divorce is no longer a reason for shame. I am totally free."

Divorce is a New Beginning

It's not just celebrities claiming divorce as something to celebrate. Social media is flooded with videos of women burning their wedding dresses and all memories of past relationships as a cathartic gesture or organizing real parties complete with cake and themed decorations or trips with friends. The phenomenon is growing, and even Dr. Caroline West, a Bumble sex and relationships expert, reiterated to Popsugar that we are moving away from the idea that major breakups are a sign of failure, embracing this milestone with positivity, as a moment to celebrate personal growth and look to the future with confidence: "The era of conscious uncoupling announcements, popularized by artists like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, is over. In its place, we are witnessing the rise of the loud breakup, where women in particular feel empowered to embrace their single status and be more open about the end of a relationship."


Read the cake . After 2.5 years it is done… it is finally official. I never wish divorce upon anyone, but the person you become after going thru hell will completely change you. It’s long, it’s strenuous, it will test you, and it will transform you. It will destroy you and it will even kill a part of you but then something beautiful happens. You are reborn-and your perspective on life and on yourself will never be the same. You will shed your old self and rebirth your new self. Thanks to my team and my best friends for surprising me on this very special day … I wouldn’t have been able to get thru these past few years without you all.

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Divorce parties 4ever

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Putting an End to Shame

Divorce should not be synonymous with shame. Never. Too often, its announcement is met with hostility, commented on superficially, attracting the judgment of others, and taken for granted that a marriage ends because of the spouses' faults or because something is wrong with them. The reality is much more nuanced. Every relationship is different. Sometimes love ends, you walk some road together, and then you find out that you've changed along the way and say goodbye. Other times the reasons are more dramatic, and distancing oneself from a toxic relationship is the only way to save oneself. So why should we ever feel ashamed? Why should we succumb to external judgment and respect others' expectations of us? Divorcing is a choice that demonstrates strength. It's not easy to let go of a situation or a person, even if it's the best thing to do. There is power in making a significant change, often accompanied by a pain that heals only after a long journey of awareness, acceptance, and reconstruction. Divorce is not a failure. Divorce is the opening of a door to tomorrow.