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Selling photos of feet online is not as easy as it seems

There are some things to take into consideration, including the reality of what it means to be a sex worker

Selling photos of feet online is not as easy as it seems There are some things to take into consideration, including the reality of what it means to be a sex worker

We've all thought about it at least once in our lives, some in a playful manner, others more seriously; some during a girls' night out, others in the privacy of their own room. They offer you only internships at 500 euros per month, the recession doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon, prices are rising along with inflation, no one wants to give you a contract, and you're tired of asking your parents for money and working 9 and a half hours a day. A thought arises in desperation: should you perhaps consider selling pictures of your feet online to anyone willing to pay, just to avoid a real job forever and live off it? It's not guaranteed to be the solution to all our problems, in fact. Let's try to contextualize a situation that is more nuanced than one might think.

Where can you sell pictures of feet?

In theory, there are many ways to sell pictures of feet. There are the "official" channels like OnlyFans and other more specific platforms, and then there are the less official ones. For example, Vinted, where if you post a picture of used and visibly feminine shoes, there's a non-zero chance that an anonymous user will privately message you for additional information about the wear and tear of the shoes, socks, or even photos of you wearing the footwear. In reality, this type of transaction can happen anywhere, as long as you come across someone bold enough to ask and then feel secure enough to complete the sale. However, the risks are not zero.


Would you sell your

Issues faced by sex workers and our superficiality

We are accustomed to thinking that working in the adult industry or being a sex worker is easy. After all, you just need to create some type of video or photo content, send it, and wait for the big money to roll in. It's not exactly like that. Even though selling pictures of feet online by adults is generally legal (they are not considered pornographic material and thus avoid this classification), the security problem persists. One needs to become completely anonymous, create dedicated accounts and bank details, disguise identifying marks and tattoos, and ensure that transactions are 100% secure. There's also a human and emotional component: are you ready to engage in a conversation with someone who wants your photos for explicitly sexual reasons? To cultivate relationships with buyers? It may sound easy, but it's not necessarily so for everyone, and one should consider this before diving into operations larger than oneself.


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Displaying wealth on social media

Finally, a small chapter could be opened on the display of these earnings on social media. Without delving into an analysis of the adult entertainment industry (not known for being feminist and mainly based on patriarchal power systems, the exploitation of workers, and the male gaze), we can confidently say that presenting this type of work on social media, often by posting screenshots of received payments, is inappropriate. It's not helpful to sell such a complicated and delicate lifestyle to young girls, who might jump into a minefield based on the promise of easy earnings, potentially making mistakes and compromising themselves. It's not helpful at all to flaunt wealth on social media, creating aspirational models and making people who read feel unhappy and not good enough. In conclusion, without judging anyone's fetishes or ways of earning, selling pictures of feet online is possible, but not necessarily recommended. Especially if these things are not taken into account.