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Are Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle treated differently?

In the English royal family, privacy is not for everyone

Are Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle treated differently? In the English royal family, privacy is not for everyone

Kate Middleton has vanished. Or rather, she hasn't been seen in public since December 2023. All her previously scheduled engagements were canceled due to an abdominal surgery, the successful outcome of which was announced on January 17th in an official statement from Kensington Palace. The statement didn't offer much more, except that it's a non-cancer-related issue, that her recovery is going well, and that we shouldn't expect to see the Duchess of Cambridge until after Easter, so between late March and early April. That's a whopping four months of absence, even longer than when she gave birth. This announcement adds to that of King Charles' illness. As if that weren't enough, a few days ago, Prince William last-minute canceled his attendance at the funeral of the late King Constantine of Greece, who passed away at 82 and was a close friend of the British royal family. Are all this family illnesses taking their toll on William?

Social Media Conspiracy Theories: Where Is Kate Middleton?

The British royal family is quite a topic of discussion on social media (as are all others). Some enjoy hating on them, others observe and document their behaviors and looks. Either way, Charles, Camilla, Harry, Meghan, William, and Kate are the subjects of memes and debates, sometimes more than others. Playful conspiracy theories about the situation have emerged on Twitter and TikTok. Some claim Kate Middleton is Banksy, while others suggest she's undergone cosmetic surgery and is waiting to recover, or perhaps she just needs time to grow out a terribly botched haircut. Yet, even more users wonder how it's possible that nothing at all has been seen of Kate in over two months. Are we to believe that the UK tabloids, not exactly known for their ethics and moderation, haven't dug up, whispered, interviewed, found mysterious sources, or obtained anything, anything at all? And that's the point.

Meghan Markle: Treatment by the British Tabloids

This absolute, so absolute as to be suspicious, privacy has never been afforded to Meghan Markle. Even when she and Harry had just announced their engagement or shortly after the wedding (when, therefore, the Sussexes were still fully part of the British royal family), Meghan was subjected to constant insinuations, to a veritable smear campaign painting her, in order: spoiled, ambitious, ill-tempered with the staff, with her sister-in-law, with the queen herself. Her family - her mother and father, her stepsister - were repeatedly thrust onto the front pages, with letters and tearful confessions. Not to mention the racism she reported from some members within the UK's most famous family, which was systematically doubted by the tabloids, just as her statements about her mental and physical distress and violation of privacy she and her husband suffered were dismissed. All to preserve the good name of the English and their monarchs.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton: A Double Standard

We cannot speak to the internal dynamics of Buckingham Palace because we don't know them. However, we've observed how tabloid magazines have influenced public opinion, and we can confidently say that there is a difference in treatment, subtly shifting from headline to headline and caption to caption, even regarding privacy. In essence, if it's normal (and right) not to invade Kate Middleton's private sphere during a delicate period, without speculating or questioning her actual state, why isn't it the same for Meghan? The double standard, ongoing for years and covering any public appearance of either or both women, even when discussing their looks, is evident and greatly contributes to shaping the brands of the two women, who represent two very distinct lifestyles. That of dutiful wife and mother of the Princess of Wales, willing to sacrifice her life to make her husband a good king (despite rumors of infidelity), and that of the Duchess of Sussex, hungry for fame and influence, willing to do anything to become influential and famous, even if it means tarnishing the good name of the English court with unfounded accusations of racism. Does this sound realistic to you? It doesn't to us.