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Lindsay Lohan returns to rom-com with "Irish Wish"

Everything we know about the new film of the most popular ginger head of the early 2000s

Lindsay Lohan returns to rom-com with Irish Wish Everything we know about the new film of the most popular ginger head of the early 2000s

During the premiere of the Mean Girls musical, Lindsay Lohan, the star of the original version, stole the spotlight from all her colleagues, confirming herself as the most beloved ginger head of an entire generation that grew up in the early 2000s with her comedies. She is excited to see her not only on the red carpet but also as the protagonist of a new film, Irish Wish. The project, which is about to arrive on Netflix, marks the actress's return to the rom-com genre after a long period of silence, interrupted only by Falling for Christmas in 2022. The first images from the trailer were enough to pique the audience's curiosity, who seem to miss not only Lohan but also a light romantic comedy. The new film has all the right ingredients of the genre to give those who watch it a couple of hours of escape: a celebrity, a love triangle, the green landscapes of Ireland (it was filmed in various locations around Wicklow), two cute co-stars, and a touch of magic, a detail that reminded many of Lindsey's other cult films like Freaky Friday and Just My Luck.

Here's everything we know about Lindsay Lohan's new film:

The plot of Irish Wish

Irish Wish tells the story of Maddie Kelly, an unlucky-in-love book editor who finds herself in Ireland to be the maid of honor at her best friend's wedding. The situation is complicated because the groom is Paul, Maddie's longtime crush. "I can't help but think that things would be different if I had told Paul how I feel about him," is the confession that Lohan's character makes to her mother during a video call. Her mother encourages her to express her feelings, but Maddie, disillusioned, replies, "Now it's too late." But is it really? Maybe not because the wish for true love expressed at the end of the call comes true. So, Maddie wakes up in Paul's arms with a beautiful engagement ring on her finger and a white dress to wear. Will this be her happily ever after? As her dream seems to come true, Maddie realizes that her true soulmate is someone else.

Who's in the cast of Irish Wish

In addition to Lohan, the cast of Irish Wish includes Alexander Vlahos, a British actor known primarily for the role of Mordred in the English TV series Merlin, who plays Paul; Ed Speleers who plays a charismatic photographer and we've already seen him in Eragon, Downton Abbey, and Outlander; Elizabeth Tan in the role of Maddie's best friend; and Jane Seymour, famous worldwide for her portrayal of Dr. Michaela Quinn in the TV series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, playing Maddie's mother. The director is Janeen Damian, and the soundtrack includes Breathless by The Corrs.

When will Irish Wish be released

Irish Wish, the new romantic comedy with Lindsay Lohan, will be available for streaming on Netflix from March 15. Ready to hit play and relax with a carefree love story? If you enjoyed films like P.S. I Love You and Leap Year, then Irish Wish is the right choice for you.

What will Lindsay Lohan's next project be

If Falling for Christmas in 2022 and the new Irish Wish are not enough to satisfy your desire for romantic comedies with Lindsey Lohan, don't worry because the actress has another project with Netflix in the works. It's a Christmas film currently in production titled Our Little Secret, where the star will act alongside Kristin Chenoweth and Ian Harding. The plot? The film tells the story of two exes who discover that their new partners are brothers. Forced to spend time together during the holidays, the exes find themselves becoming part of these new families in an unusual way.