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Angelina Mango conquers Sanremo 2024

The 22 years old had Italy dance with La Noia

Angelina Mango conquers Sanremo 2024 The 22 years old had Italy dance with La Noia

Once again, Sanremo comes to an end. Amidst controversies, amazing looks, scandals, unforgettable moments, and social media memes, the winner of the 74th edition of the event is Angelina Mango, after a surprising edition. What will we do from tomorrow? We'll stare into space, interrupting only for a quick nap and tuning in to the post-Sanremo tv show hosted by Mara Venier. We'll listen to our favorite hits, trying to fill the Ariston-shaped hole in our hearts, at least until next year.

Here's who Angelina Mango, the Sanremo winner, is

Angelina Mango was born in 2001 in Maratea. The passion for music runs in her blood, as she is the daughter of Italian singer-songwriter Pino Mango. In 2023, she participated in the twenty-second edition of the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi. She triumphed in the singing category, finishing second overall. Since then, she has released successful singles such as "Mani Vuote," "Fila Indiana," "Ci pensiamo domani," and "Eccetera." Young and determined, dressed entirely in Etro, she brought to the Ariston stage "La noia", a lively song she co-wrote with Madame and Dardust, who also produced it. A cumbia that is an anthem to life, with all its joys and pains, and the power of letting go and dancing wildly despite everything. In the Top 5 alongside her were Geolier, who came in second, Annalisa (third), Ghali (fourth), and finally Irama.

A well-deserved victory

Exact data on the various votes (press room, radio, televoting) will calmly arrive tomorrow, and we can analyze them with a clear mind. Meanwhile, the audience has decided, indisputably, in the dead of night. Let's try to analyze the reasons why Angelina has conquered everyone. Surely contributing was the cover night, where the girl, although not winning, brought a song by her father, "La Rondine", of which she delivered an emotional and powerful rendition. Talent, the ability to be on stage and dominate it with mastery, and the competing song - powerful, the kind that sticks in your head and doesn't leave - did the rest, and finally, a woman has won the Sanremo festival.

What's in Angelina Mango's future?

With such a debut year, who knows what Angelina Mango will do in the future. Surely an album and a tour, where we'll be able to see her determination live around Italy. And then, of course, the Eurovision Song Contest, which in 2024 will be held in Malmö. More precise news will probably arrive in these days. In the meantime, we enjoy the victory of a promising girl.