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The effects of the Full Moon in Cancer

Overflowing emotions and desire to be with those we love

The effects of the Full Moon in Cancer Overflowing emotions and desire to be with those we love

On 27 December, the last full moon of 2023 arrives in the sign of Cancer. This lunation, also known as the Cold Moon, fits into a complex astral picture that also includes the Sun in Capricorn and Mercury retrograde. What should we expect? An extra dose of chaos and excitement that will cause us to prioritise our emotional needs and relationships with our family and other important people in our lives.

What is the Cold Full Moon?

Many full moons are named after the environmental conditions that prevail at their time. The December Full Moon is traditionally known as the Cold Full Moon because it appears in the month of the year with the lowest temperatures in the sky. Sometimes it is also known as the Long Night Moon because it occurs closer to the winter solstice, when the nights get longer and the moon appears to stay above the horizon for longer.

What is the spiritual significance of the full moon in Cancer?

In astrology, Cancer stands for everything that has to do with family, home and feelings. In addition, each sign of the zodiac is ruled by a celestial body, in the case of Cancer it is the moon. Because of these qualities, the cold full moon in December will prompt us to listen to our inner voice, be honest with ourselves about our true feelings and stand up for the people we love. With the coming together of the holidays, we may feel the need to reach out to friends and family, open our hearts, resolve unresolved issues and perhaps heal old wounds. With the experiences we've had over the past 12 months, it's an ideal time to clarify what family, the people in our lives and the way we approach life really mean to us. It will be helpful to let go of the emotional baggage we have been carrying around since the beginning of 2023 and discharging this energy will allow us to start the new year with more positivity. This Full Moon will give us the feeling that a great weight has been lifted from our shoulders and hearts so that we can start afresh in 2024 free from the pressures that have been holding us back.

The Full Moon in Cancer and the other planets

During the Cold Full Moon 2023, the Sun in Capricorn opposes the Moon in Cancer, in trine to Jupiter and in sextile to Saturn, reconnecting us with the past to better understand what we want for the future. The Moon, in turn, is simultaneously sextile Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces. What this means. Trines and sextiles are particularly harmonious alignments between the planets, favouring a relaxed atmosphere and encouraging communication and connection with others. Saturn is the overseer of the zodiac, often feared, but given its harmonious position with the stars, it suggests that some of us can find support for our projects from higher and older people. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and its helpful alignment with the Sun and Moon could bring a dash of luck, good opportunities and optimism. Unfortunately, however, not everything will be rosy and prosperous. We must not forget that Mercury is retrograde with Mars in Sagittarius and both are in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. For this reason, some of us will tend to be lazy or passive-aggressive, lack tact, judge too quickly and jump to conclusions. At a time when we may be very emotional and sensitive, it is best to be careful with arguments and not get carried away by fears and fantasies.

The effects of the Full Moon in Cancer Overflowing emotions and desire to be with those we love | Image 481800

The effects of the Cancer Full Moon in December 2023 on the individual signs of the zodiac:


Press the pause button. Pause and create an emotional space that is a sanctuary of serenity.


Get ready for a cosmic brainstorming session. Open up to your family and the people you love. Let go of your stubborn side and try to see the world through different eyes.


It's time to check the books and do some cosmic budgeting. Under the influence of the December Full Moon, you'll go on a spending spree.


Beware of burnout, physically and emotionally. Take a deep breath and take some time for yourself.


Don't sulk if you're not the diva of the party for once. Learn to dance for yourself.


Take up the broom like Snow White in the house of the seventh dwarf and clean up friendships. Ask yourself: Who was there for you when you needed them?


"I want what's mine, I want it because it's mine, it's waiting for me." As C.S.I. sang, the stars say it's time to get the recognition you deserve at work.


You've found your place in the world. Celebrate.


As Marie Kondo teaches, declutter your life and throw away the things that no longer bring you joy.


Kiss the ones you love and say goodbye to relationships that no longer work. At least if you want your year 2024 to look more like La La Land and less like Titanic.


Don't let the daily grind get the better of you. Fill the bathtub, prepare a spiritual bath and take some time for yourself.



Dance, sing, paint, read, play, laugh and have fun. You'll be the real fireworks at the end of the year.