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The best celebrity couples of 2023

Do you prefer Kylie and Timmy or Taylor and Travis?

The best celebrity couples of 2023 Do you prefer Kylie and Timmy or Taylor and Travis?

Love blossoms again and again. Cupid shoots his arrows and strikes when you least expect it, making even the hearts of celebrities flutter. The year 2023 was characterised by unexpected break-ups such as the one between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, but also by many new couples. Often the encounters seemed unlikely, tying together the lives and feelings of seemingly disparate people like Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet, while sometimes being so cool they made us yearn for romance. Case in point? Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White, but also Harry Styles and Taylor Russell. But the prize for the cutest and sweetest couple was undoubtedly won by Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Here are the best celebrity couples of 2023 according to G-Club.

Monica Bellucci & Tim Burton

The couple that (perhaps) nobody expected? Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton! The two met in Cannes in 2006, but love seems to have broken out again in France, at the Lumière Film Festival in Lyon in autumn 2022. The new couple alert was triggered in February last year when the actress and the director were spotted together in Madrid and shortly afterwards kissing in Paris. Monica herself confirmed the liaison in an interview with Elle France, in which she said she had found a kindred spirit "with whom she can share a dream world", adding: "I'm very happy to have met this man. It's one of those encounters you rarely have in life. I know the man, I love him, and now I'm going to meet the director, another adventure begins. I love Tim. And I have great respect for Tim Burton." Bellucci and Burton have already worked together on the set of Beetlejuice 2 and walked the first official red carpet together at the 2023 Rome Film Festival. The Italian star was there to present Maria Callas: Letters and Memories, a film in which Monica Bellucci plays the famous opera singer. When journalists asked her about Burton, she replied: "This is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me". Is this confirmation that true love can come when you least expect it and at any age?

Harry Styles & Taylor Russell

They're handsome, talented, cool and very private, but now it's obvious that Harry Styles and Taylor Russell have been together for several months. This is confirmed by the many sightings in which the two have been seen hand in hand. The affair began in early summer on a date at the White Cube art gallery in London, the city the Canadian actress moved to a few years ago, and continues to this day, despite him being caught kissing Emily Ratajkowski by paparazzi in March. The former One Direction and Bones and All star seems to be spending a lot of time together, from the UK to the US. He has supported her in her theatre appearances and she has been a regular at Styles' recent tour dates. At the moment, the pair appear to be enjoying a romantic holiday on the island of Mustique, confirming rumours from an insider who let Pink Press know that "things are very serious and Harry definitely sees a future with Taylor."

 Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce

The press are already calling them "Swelce" and their respective friends are referring to them as "soulmates". Things seem to be going really well between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, and the two are really cute together. As he revealed on his podcast New Heights, Kelce tried to give the singer a friendship bracelet (on which he had written his phone number) in July after the concert at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, but failed. A mutual acquaintance then brought them together, and the two have been together since September. The singer attended several reunions of his team, together with her friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, but also with Kelce's mum Donna. There are many pictures of the two of them smiling and in love, so many that some are betting on an official engagement in 2024, followed by a fairytale wedding.

Rosalía & Jeremy Allen White

Who knows how they met, whether he hums while he cooks Family Meal Spaghetti, and whether she watches The Bear when she has insomnia. In any case, Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White are potentially one of the most interesting couples of the moment. The singer recently split from Alejandro Rauw and the actor divorced Addison Timlin earlier this year and then had an affair with model Ashley Moore. This could be a happy new romantic chapter for both, which according to initial paparazzi reports began in late October when the pair were spotted at the Los Feliz cinema in Los Angeles for a screening of the 1998 film Wild Things and then at Italian restaurant Little Dom. The relationship continues between romantic dinners and strolls around the flower market.

Kylie Jenner & Timothée Chalamet

I don't know if they're your favourite couple, but they're the most talked about couple of 2023. Back last spring, Deuxmoi swore they'd been together since January, so they started the new year together in Aspen and then went to Paris Fashion Week, where they were both on Jean Paul Gaultier's front row, among other things. Then videos and pictures circulated showing the pair at the U.S. Open and Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour. Although they haven't officially confirmed it yet, Kylie and Timmy are now a confirmed couple. Recently, Timothée accompanied Kylie to the 2023 Innovator Awards and she supported him on Saturday Night Live. Another indication that the relationship between the two is continuing? In recent months, Chalamet seems to be copying Jenner's look.