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Meteoropathy: what is it? Causes and possible solutions

Are you sad when it rains? This article may be for you

Meteoropathy: what is it? Causes and possible solutions Are you sad when it rains? This article may be for you

If you've ever found yourself saying, "Today, I don't feel like doing anything; this weather puts me in a bad mood," it might not have been just a passing moment. It could be a clear sign of a condition known as meteoropathy. This phenomenon was first introduced between the late 20th and early 21st centuries, with its name derived from the Greek terms "meteora" (associated with celestial phenomena) and "pathos" (suffering). Being affected by it not only influences our psychological and mental well-being but also our physiological health. It's estimated that 25% of people in Italy experience this condition. If you've noticed sudden changes in your mood or mild muscle pains with the onset of the autumn or winter season, this article is for you. Often, medications may not be the most suitable answer to address these variations. Various activities, however, could be beneficial, from sports to scrapbooking, and even self-care. Here are our recommendations.

Makeup and Skin-care

Many creators and social media users claim that engaging in make-up and skin-care helps them face the dreary cold season better. Activities like applying makeup and taking care of your skin can decrease stress and anxiety levels, improving your overall mood. TikToker Gio0ele revealed his secret to combating this condition: a detailed skincare routine. Interestingly, he also mentioned a different perspective – some people find joy and fulfillment in winter. If you suffer from meteoropathy, it might seem incomprehensible, but who says you need sunshine and the sea to be happy? Many prefer rainy days to sunny ones. Gray skies, ASMR, a cozy blanket, hot chocolate, hoodies and TV series are favored combinations for those who dislike summer and its heat – a kind of reverse meteoropathy.

Scrap-booking and Journaling

Calmness and tranquility are key to navigating seasonal changes successfully. To keep your nerves steady, especially on rainy days, we recommend two activities: one more creative, the other more structured. Let's start with scrapbooking, a fun do-it-yourself practice to document precious memories, keep souvenirs and preserve mementos like travel tickets, concert tickets, old photos and polaroids. Despite our digital and fast-paced world, creating a personalized album remains a popular way to cherish memories. Another option for managing your day better is a bullet journal. It's not just for writing or drawing; instead of empty and lined pages, a bullet journal contains sections for daily tasks, appointments, and personal goals. It's useful for maintaining a calendar, jotting down thoughts, tracking both physiological and mental health, and recording changes in your life. You can start with a pre-filled journal that includes specific sections and lists.

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Sport and Physical Activity

If you've watched the TV series Virgin River, you'll remember the protagonist turning to physical activity to cope with weather changes, stress, and anxiety. Scientific studies support this approach: "Adopting a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity, a balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, magnesium and vitamin supplements, water consumption, normal circadian rhythms, and light therapy can help prevent pain." The series writers weren't wrong; running through the vast forests of Virgin River is indeed a good method to recharge and eliminate negative thoughts.

Friendship Activities

Do you share everything with your best friends? They might also experience meteoropathy and become your allies against it. The saying "two is better than one" is especially true when it comes to good moods. Engaging in activities together is often more satisfying and enjoyable than tackling new challenges alone. What are the best past times to do with friends on gloomy days? Besides cooking elaborate (and warm) dishes and playing board games, many TikTok users enjoy decorating objects. For example, creators Emily Pallini and Alessia Lanza hand-decorated candles with wax colors, spending an afternoon differently than usual. A candle can be customized in various ways, using molds, containers, and fragrances to create a unique and personal item. Some social media users prefer painting ceramics, reading tarot cards, or creating clay ashtrays! Do you have a secret ritual to do with your friends on off days?

Seasons Change, Fortunately

Have you ever experienced meteoropathy? We're curious to know what kind of "metereopaths" you are: do you prefer winter with its cozy shades, the crackling of wood in the fireplace, and the relaxing warmth of a blanket, or do you dream of the sea and surfing even during Christmas dinner? Some romanticize autumn and winter, feeling like they're in the movie "A Rainy Day in New York," while others wish to be like Chalamet only in the beach scenes of "Call Me by Your Name." The important thing is to ensure that this syndrome doesn't take over and to stay focused on your goals.