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Train trips to try in autumn

The best suggestions for an autumn weekend away

Train trips to try in autumn The best suggestions for an autumn weekend away

We are used to travelling by high-speed trains to our holiday destinations, comfortably and quickly, so that we do not subtract any time from our actual stay. Imagine, however, if the train journey became the main attraction of the holiday. A historical experience with the sound of rails running over abandoned tracks, while we admire new and forgotten landscapes from the carriage window, and we can also taste local products.

Think of the dreamy eyes of your 'child self' of yesteryear as it watched the Harry Potter train to Hogwarts pass through these landscapes, indelibly etched in your memory. Historic tourist trains are talked about far too little, but this autumn there are plenty of events where you can travel back in time. Enjoying a slow retro journey without the rush of getting to your destination as quickly as possible is almost a utopia. The Fs Foundation has been promoting the restoration of old carriages, locomotives, stations and infrastructure for years to bring back the flavour of time to a hectic society. Once registration opens, seats sell out fast: Here's a selection we at the Nss G-Club recommend to give you a different kind of autumn outing.

TrEno: Langhe - Monferrato - Roero

@finestre_sui_borghi TUTTE LE INFO QUI @TrEno LMR è un treno storico enogastronomico da cui ammirare i panorami tutelati UNESCO, gustare vini e prodotti delle Langhe e Monferrato. Ad accompagnare il vostro viaggio sul treno ci sono i narratori del territorio! Il treno parte dalla stazione di Torino Porta Nuova ma sono previste fermate intermedie che possono variare di volta in volta (io per esempio sono salita ad Alba). La destinazione è Canelli dove ha inizio il tour in 3 tappe:

A ride on a historic train is a fairytale experience. Looking out of the window, you can admire unique panoramas protected by UNESCO on lines exclusively reserved for the TrEno experience. Along the way, you'll be 'lulled' by winding hills that are home to villages full of history and tradition, and rows of vineyards that produce some of the best wines in the world, which you can sample along the way. The journey is in Italian Railways Centoporte carriages, which were in service between 1928 and the 1980s and are similar in concept to a stagecoach. They have numerous doors on each side so that passengers can get on and off quickly. The wooden interior seats only 78 passengers and makes for an exclusive experience.

A recommended experience is the one in Canelli, a niche town that houses its underground cathedrals: in fact, more than 20 km of tunnels have been dug into the tuff underground in Canelli. You can walk in silence, breathe in the scent of the wood of the barrels, surrounded by millions of bottles in the process of maturing, and then taste an excellent wine. These lands are reflected not only in the wines, but also in the gastronomic offer of the region, which is equally rich and varied: from the highly prized raw meat to handmade pasta to the countless cheeses, Tome and Robiole, from vegetables to slow-cooked stews and desserts. Their flavours, accompanied by fine wines, will crown your experience.

Info: After booking on the TrEno website, departure from Torino Porta Nuova is at 9.00 am (but it is advisable to arrive 30' before) and the cost of the Canelli experience is 175 euros.

Train dei sapori

A unique experience to visit Franciacorta, Lake Iseo and the Valle Camonica could be a perfect autumn trip. Experience the thrill of a train ride and enjoy the magnificent panorama at least once in your life: hills, lake, river and mountains to please everyone, of course with the added bonus of tasting excellent food and wine - a mix for all the senses.

The Treno dei Sapori (Train of Tastes) is an orange-coloured train modelled on the convoys of the early 1900s, but with a completely renovated and comfortable interior: an excellent start to a journey of discovery of the enogastronomic and cultural beauties of the Camuno, Sebino and Franciacorta regions. The service offered by Trenord in collaboration with ToBe Incentive & Convention along the historic railway line of Lake Iseo is aimed at those who want to experience the unique sensation of travelling by train through a landscape full of surprises while tasting typical local products. Once you are welcomed on board, you will be served typical products between one view and the next, accompanied by local wines selected by certified sommeliers. To book, simply go to the relevant page on the official website and select the date and itinerary you prefer. Don't forget to specify any allergies or intolerances, as well as alternative diets, so you can have a tailor-made experience.

Info:+39 030 6854201 - [email protected]

Trenino rosso del Bernina

The Trenino Rosso del Bernina and the Bernina Express refer to the trains that run on the railway line between Tirano and St. Moritz. The Rhaetian Railway is a marvel of 20th century railway engineering: it was built between 1906 and 1910 and operated between Italy and Switzerland for over a hundred years until it was declared a World Heritage Site at UNESCO in 2008. The Trenino del Bernina operates every day of the year and in all weathers. The departure station is in Tirano at 429 metres above sea level, while the arrival station is in St. Moritz at 1756 metres above sea level, where the train arrives after crossing the Bernina Pass at 2253 metres above sea level, a total journey time of 2:30 hours. Intense reds, yellows and oranges characterise the landscape along the Bernina route between October and November.

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Not yet too cold, but not so hot either, autumn is the most picturesque season, gently guiding you between the summer heat and the winter cold and snow. The most impressive stops recommended by those who have experienced this wonderful adventure are Poschiavo, an ancient village with a traffic-free historic centre full of museums, historic buildings and traditional markets, and Lake Palue and Alp Gruem: the train passes this picturesque lake and then stops at Alp Gruem, considered by many to be the most beautiful stop of the journey, with a panoramic view of Valposchiavo and the Palue glacier.

Info: The ticket price for the regional train is €67 per person for a return day ticket in second class and €118 in first class.

Trans-Siberian Railway from Italy

The Sulmona-Isernia railway (called Transiberiana d'Italia since 1980) is a branch line in Abruzzo and Molise (128.7 km long) connecting the town of Sulmona with the town of Isernia. The Sulmona-Carpinone section is used by tourist trains and designated by the Fondazione FS Italiane as part of the 'Binari senza tempo' project. It is known as the 'Little Trans-Siberian Railway' because it resembles the famous Trans-Siberian Railway due to the heavy snowfall, especially in the highlands of Abruzzo. An indispensable journey and a dream amidst the historical, cultural and natural beauties of the splendid Central Apennines, through the heights and valleys of the Abruzzo-Lazio and Molise National Park and the Majella Park with its mystical hermitages, touching some of the most beautiful ancient villages in Italy: in short, the right itinerary for those in search of experiences and new emotions.

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The railway stands out for its tourist value and its technical characteristics: It reaches gradients of 28% on some sections and is considered a masterpiece of railway engineering. On the way, the waggons pass through picturesque bridges and viaducts and travel through 58 tunnels, the longest of which, under Monte Pagano, measures 3109 metres.

Info: [email protected]

Next dates: Saturday 14 October - Saturday 21 October - Sunday 22 October - Saturday 28 October

Dante's Train

@visittuscany Il Treno di Dante departs from Florence’s Santa Maria Novella train station on Saturdays and Sundays, but make sure to check dates and book in advance! #visittuscany #iltrenodidante #dantealighieri Bubble - BCD Studio

Although the autumn trips have been suspended for this year 2023 due to the damage caused by the floods last spring, we would like to introduce you to this opportunity, which will resume from November. For literature lovers, there is a "hellish" journey just for you: a unique travel experience aboard a historic train that crosses the heart of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines to discover the lands Dante Alighieri visited on his journey between Florence and Ravenna. An enchanting route that combines famous cities of art and mediaeval villages surrounded by nature.

With the help of a special train built more than a century ago, you can experience the Divine Comedy more than ever before. The Hundred Doors is a train where you can breathe in the history of the people this unique vehicle has housed: from officers and commanders to nurses and doctors during the Second World War, when the carriages were used to help the war wounded. A journey through a landscape of vineyards, olive groves and old farmhouses, to wild chestnut and beech forests and mule tracks, and then down into the hills of Romagna, rich in orchards and crops.

With these railway experiences, you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes without haste, simply with the pleasure of stopping to admire wonderful views and take a break from the stressful daily routine, if only for a weekend.