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The London's tube girl trend: cringe or self-confidence?

Sabrina Bahsoon just launched a movement of girls dancing on tubes

The London's tube girl trend: cringe or self-confidence? Sabrina Bahsoon just launched a movement of girls dancing on tubes

When we say "London's Tube Girl," does anything come to mind? If you've been on TikTok in the last two weeks, then probably yes. Sabrina Bahsoon is 22 years old and has single-handedly started a trend, almost a movement, that is being emulated and critiqued by users all over the world and has taken her all the way to Milan Fashion Week shows.

The origins of the trend

On August 13th, Sabrina posted a video from the London Underground in which she dances between people in a normal carriage to the notes of Nicki Minaj, filming herself from above. This video, like so many others before it, was sucked into the vortex of virality, has 10 million views to date and has earned Sabrina 554 thousand followers.

@sabrinabahsoon Delulu or manifesting #tubegirl shoutout to @In Print We Trust original sound - habz.fx
@sabrinabahsoon Tube Girl’s first time in Milan and she be bossin’ about. @BOSS #BOSSMilanShow #BeYourOwnBOSS #ad GASLIGHT - INJI

Symbol of self-confidence and positive exhibitionism?

Soon the tube girl became a symbol, for better or worse. There are those who say that her videos are true performance art installations, beautiful to look at as such, reflecting the zeitgeist of positive and purposeful exhibitionism. Likewise, there are those who see in her fearless dancing in public places a Dionysian hymn to self-confidence, to letting go of social fears and worries and being oneself without thinking about what that means, without looking for hidden meanings. Many girls admitted in the comments that they felt more confident after seeing Sabrina making videos in public.

@artlust @Jenny @Aamina @haleyybaylee #arthistory101 #historytiktokstyle #arthistorytiktok original sound - habz.fx

Or of the emptiness of the times?

Not everyone agrees. Some users think that something like this, especially when filmed and posted on TikTok, just seems ridiculous and cringe worthy, both to those who sit with her on the underground and to those who then see it on the screen. And not only that. Some raise the question of privacy. Anyone who is in Sabrina's vicinity when they record a video unintentionally (and probably unknowingly, because not everyone is online) goes viral and is seen by millions and millions of people. Some people cry out against social exhibitionism, or point out that Sabrina has been gifted by pretty privilege and a woman less beautiful than her could never afford to take up so much public space without fear.

The future of Sabrina Bahsoon

Whatever the answer is, Sabrina is living a dream and will try to exploit it to the end and perhaps build a career on it. She was immediately signed by a modelling agency and was a guest of Boss at the Milan Fashion Week show a few days ago, making her catwalk debut at the very first MAC show. How long will she stay? That's for the internet gods to decide.