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Here's what's happening at Campovolo for the Harry Styles concert

From impromptu camping to rules for queuing

Here's what's happening at Campovolo for the Harry Styles concert From impromptu camping to rules for queuing

It is well known: a true fan is prepared to do anything for his idol. So it was in the 1920s when fans committed suicide at the news of Rudolph Valentino's death by holding pictures of the movie star in their hands, when girls threw bras at Elvis' feet and declared eternal love in the 1950s, or when they tore their hair out for the Beatles in the 1960s. And even when, a few decades later, I stayed soaked for three days in the pouring rain as a 17-year-old to hold Damon Albarn's hand and see Blur, Hole, Placebo, Underworld, Verdena and Subsonica all at once. No sacrifice seems too great. There is always someone willing to go the extra mile for a fleeting contact with their favourite star. Harry Styles' fans know this too, not afraid to brave the scorching temperatures this July, camping outside the RCF Arena in Campovolo a week before the singer's concert scheduled for 22 July, hoping to get as close to their idol as possible, shouting, "We deserve to be in the front row, with Harry in front of us, because we sacrifice for him."


The rules for the queue

Here's what's happening at Campovolo for the Harry Styles concert From impromptu camping to rules for queuing | Image 462672

The rules this group of diehards have given themselves to regulate the queue have gone viral, sparking a flood of comments divided between those who appreciate the resistance and those who find the situation unconscionable. Indeed, it feels like taking part in a kind of hunger game where only the best and toughest survive. Those in camp will be given a wristband with an arrival number, which you can use to monitor the order of entry. Every day there are four roll calls: at 9am, 2pm, 7pm and 11pm. You have to be present at each roll call, otherwise you lose your coveted place in the queue. If you miss two rounds, you can say goodbye to meeting Harry face to face. But that is not enough. No one should get the idea of enjoying the air-conditioning in a comfortable hotel room just because a handwritten sign says "night is mandatory" Devotion is not for the faint-hearted.


Camping and clearing out

Colourful tents, inflatable pools, folding chairs... the queue for Harry Styles' concert is actually a campsite, a kind of extreme holiday where endurance and deprivation go hand in hand with fun, sharing and sisterhood. From a few girls equipped for camping, the crowd slowly grew and turned into a bivouac that took up such a large part of the arena entrance that Livenation, the company organising the event on Saturday 22 July, which had not anticipated the crowds a week before the concert date, eventually moved Harry's girls to a prepared area for tents inside the Cimurri track, a few kilometres from the Rcf Arena. At the new site, there are adequate facilities for this type of camp, from toilets to a first aid station just in case. To keep Harry's fans hydrated and protected from heatstroke, the organisers will continue to hand out water bottles. In short, this long wait is becoming more and more like the experience one usually has at a music festival. Including tent camping and adverse weather conditions.


The numbers and organization of the concert

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"This is the only concert in Italy and the last in Europe after three years of touring." Repeat the "Stylers" for those who do not seem to understand the importance of attending this live show. The numbers at the event are indeed important. Tickets sold out in a second and 103,000 people are expected in Campovolo next Saturday. The numbers are exorbitant, 400 buses will arrive in Reggio Emilia, three special trains are planned, to and from Bologna and Milan, and according to the statistics of the train and bus platform Trainline, the live show will attract 880% more passengers to Reggio Emilia. In addition, 25,000 cars and campers are expected to park in seven car parks. In fact, the city is armoured and pedestrianised, populated by fans of the British singer. As explained by the profile of @harrystylescampovolo,, which illustrates in some videos the most useful logistical aspects of going to the concert, from tips on where to park to the best outfits to wear, Iren Green Park, that is, the area in front of the gates, will open at 10 am, the show will start at 8 pm and end at 11:15 pm. Wet Leg start at 7:30pm, Styles at 8:45pm. The arena is divided into eight sectors: five colourful zones and 3 more exclusive ones. The most coveted spot? Jonny's Place, a small spot very close to the stage that guarantees the closest possible proximity to Harry.

Here's what's happening at Campovolo for the Harry Styles concert From impromptu camping to rules for queuing | Image 462673


The Stylers are a true community

The fans camped out in Campovolo are aware of every detail of the concert and seem unaware that as soon as the gates open, there is a real possibility that someone faster and more rested will overtake them and get a better spot within kissing distance of Harry. The walk from the entry area to the stage is long and the "Stylers" campers have a week of heat and gruelling waiting on their shoulders, surrounded by roll calls as stern as those of the Marines. Sacrificing oneself for one's idol does not guarantee results, a happy hand, or that a close exchange of glances will spark love. That only happens in teen comedies. So far, the Harry's girls do not seem to care. They are not letting on. Not from the heat, not from the tiredness. Not even from the criticism and teasing that have spawned dozens of more or less ironic memes. They seem, on the contrary, happy. Their only worries? Arriving near the stage, enjoying the concert and choosing the outfit that will attract the attention of the beloved former One Direction (according to the interviews, sequins and bold colours are on trend!). Between tents, inflatable pools and fried dumplings offered by a friendly neighbour, they have formed a community that is no longer virtual but real. They make friends and have a unique experience that they will probably remember forever. When they look back in a few years, they may think they were crazy, but they may also look back on their 2023 selves with tenderness and indulgence. When I think of my 17-year-old self shaking Damon Albarn's hand.