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Will the new season of The Kardashians be about vulnerability?

After the teaser for the new season of the reality show, do we expect a more sympathetic approach than in previous years?

Will the new season of The Kardashians be about vulnerability? After the teaser for the new season of the reality show, do we expect a more sympathetic approach than in previous years?

The Kardashians 3 will air on Disney+ from 25 May, with an episode every Thursday, just like past seasons. We are curious to see if, after the trailer that has been available for months, we will see the most famous sisters in the world in a new, more conscious and transparent attitude towards the influence they have on the young women who have followed them for years.

The part of the trailer that makes us most excited for the episodes release is undoubtedly the part where Kylie Jenner asks all the sisters to sit down and discuss the beauty standards they propose within the beauty system. She then confides in her best friend Anastasia Karanikolaou that she would never start retouching. "I do not want my daughter to do what I did," she says with the more adult look of a mother.

It's nothing new that women's bodies are seen as trending, from the heroin chic of the 90s, to the slimness of the 2000s, continued even by the cult films of those years, to being fat, but only in the right places, with the use of the very famous and Kardashian BBL (Brazilian butt lift) and then the return to a more petite body with sculpted cheekbones as well as full lips. The difference is that we have never heard the trendiest family in beauty and fashion talk about it consistently and clearly, especially on the reality show TV. Kylie herself, before admitting to using lip fillers and surgery, always claimed that she only used lip liner to enhance her lips, and from here she was able to launch the huge Kylie Cosmetics brand that later made her a billionaire. During the King Kylie era - as she called herself on social media in her Tumblr days - our Jenner was one of the most imitated teenagers. But barely 16 years old, and despite meeting the beauty standards of the time, she felt the need to drastically change her appearance in the face of media and television overexposure that made her appear less than perfect even in paparazzi shots.


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When we think that The Kardashians series could potentially go on for many years to come and even show us the stars' children growing into their teens or beyond, it would be inspiring for future generations to learn more information about the use of cosmetic medicine: Certainly, an entertainment show is not the right place for this, but given the media impact of the characters, the influence they could have on young women around the world should not be underestimated. North West, the daughter of Kim and Kanye, is already a baby influencer on TikTok. Although she is only 10 years old and has an official account with a comment blocker, she is by no means free of criticism about her appearance, which is constantly compared to that of her mother and adult women who have had more than one cosmetic procedure.

So what we hope to see in the coming episodes is some kind of moral redemption? Undoubtedly, this will be one of the most comprehensive topics we viewers have heard over the course of the show since the last twenty seasons of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" first aired on E! One of the other topics we will finally see is Kourtney and Travis Barker's wedding, which has been the subject of much speculation because it could be a showcase for the Dolce&Gabbana brand. In fact, a few months after the ceremony last May, it was the turn of D&G to announce the "Hello Kim" collaboration, in which D&G teamed up with the other Kardashian sister, not Kourtney, to present the SS23 collection, whose runway show opened with the sound of paparazzi shots shouting "We love you Kim!"

It's not the first time there's been friction between the two older sisters, but we have probably never seen the remaining three not completely side with the more famous sister, instead remaining neutral and dismissing the touchy subject with a "we see both sides" In the teaser, it's clear, that Kourtney was disappointed in Kim for stealing her thunder on one of the most important days of her life, when she finally walked down the aisle with her fiancé after never making it to the fateful moment with her ex Scott Disick and father of her children.

Certainly, since the show switched to a different production, we have noticed a less tense - or less cheesy - tone, focusing more on the emotions and inner dramas of the protagonists than meaningless fights, however entertaining they may be. As for Khloé, we once again see her in the thread of her personal odyssey: from the drama with Tristan Thompson to the cancerous melanoma on her cheek that she had removed last October. One of the focal points of last season was definitely the portrayal of her sudden and apparent weight loss as a victory after years of cyberbullying and comparisons to her sisters: many theories said that only she would not be a Kardashian, fans speculated. Perhaps this season we will learn more about her new look and, most importantly, get an answer to the allegations that she was involved in the abuse of Ozempic.

The predictions promise a new maturity in dealing with the issues that have been raised repeatedly in recent years, but in a tacit and superficial way ​so we expect a different course of the reality show, which given the name should be true to the facts, but more importantly... is it perhaps time for some sensible and straightforward thinking about those famous standards of perfection that we have been dragging around for too long?