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Kendall Jenner's ad for Uber teaches how irony is a marketing tool

The model recreates her "cucumber girl" moment and makes us smile once again

Kendall Jenner's ad for Uber teaches how irony is a marketing tool The model recreates her cucumber girl moment and makes us smile once again

During one of the most memorable episodes of The Kardashians aired last spring Kendall Jenner walks around the house hungry and decides to make herself a snack. So she picks up a cucumber and starts slicing it, or at least tries to, so much so that she turns down her mother's offer to call the family chef to make her something to eat. The model wants to fend for herself, proving that okay, she may be a spoiled rich it girl, but as capable as anyone else of cutting a vegetable. Or maybe not. Kendall has a concentrated expression (not even if she had to solve a complicated mathematical equation) and grabs the vegetable, places it on the cutting board and starts to use the knife, but she does it by crossing her arms in a strange way so much so that it seems almost inevitable that she will accidentally cut her hand. All under the puzzled gaze of Kris Jenner.

The cucumber became a meme

Result? Kendall may never become a star chef, but that culinary moment of hers turned into a viral meme and was interpreted by viewers as yet another example of her privileged life. Comments such as "Obsessed with Kendall Jenner trying to prove she's not an out of touch spoiled rich girl by insisting on making her own snack and almost dislocating her shoulder trying to slice a cucumber" or "Kendall Jenner trying to cut a f--king cucumber is the most tragic thing I've ever witnessed" multiplied. With a dash of calculated self-deprecation, Kendall chose to prolong the hype of this bizarre scene by dressing up as a "cucumber girl" for Halloween. Absolutely brilliant. 

Kendall uses it

If you think that's where the story ended you are wrong, because no one knows how to capitalize on fame and turn a possible disaster into a (lucrative) success like momager Kris. So Kendall, together with her mother, recreated that scene for Uber Eats Australia's new campaign. In the commercial, Kris asks her daughter, "I'm on Uber eats. Want anything?" "Anything?" replies the model, and images of other people listing things they would like to order from Uber Eats begin to alternate. Then the camera returns to Kendall absurdly cutting a cucumber. Kris asks her, "what about something easier to cut?" Kendall then tries to cut a bell pepper and again her technique is questionable, so her mother suggests she order a salad.

Irony is key

The scene makes people smile and proves that it is always better to tease each other as Kendall does, but more importantly, it proves how excellent a marketing strategist Kris Jenner is, the real architect of the success of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. If once again we are talking about them, even under the guise of a cucumber, the credit goes entirely to her.