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What should we expect from the costumes of Emily in Paris 3?

Marylin Fitoussi, costume designer of the series, promises increasingly playful, colourful and interesting oufits

What should we expect from the costumes of Emily in Paris 3? Marylin Fitoussi, costume designer of the series, promises increasingly playful, colourful and interesting oufits

Emily Cooper is coming back. On Wednesday 21 December, Netflix will release Emily in Paris 3, revealing what will happen to the enterprising American and her friends. Last year we left her at a crossroads, undecided whether to stay at Savoir, now under American management, or to follow Sylvie and her colleagues to a new communications agency. Sentimentally, too, she has a choice before her: a long-distance relationship with Alfie, who is leaving for London, or to win back Gabriel, who has just re-engaged with Camille. The few scenes glimpsed in the trailer don't anticipate this, but they do show us that Emily will at least make one drastic and impulsive decision, namely to cut her own fringes, a sort of symbol of her Parisian life that references and pays homage to the films of Jean-Luc Godard, the French New Wave and the iconic 1960s characters portrayed in them. The fact that the young marketing manager is increasingly embracing the tradition and style (albeit reinterpreted through her own taste and restless and cheerful personality) of her host country is not only rendered through the new haircut, but also through the costumes. "We knew we had to make an evolution. Now we know the young American is staying in Paris. I wanted to show how much she can embrace the French culture that she has been watching for the past few seasons," Marylin Fitoussi, who took over the role of principal costume designer for the third season, succeeding Patricia Field, said in a recent interview.

Born in the south of France, Fitoussi graduated in textile design in Paris and stayed in the city for 12 years specializing in 18th century costume design for films. After living in Mexico for several years, where she developed a love for the mix'n match of different colors and patterns that we also see in the Netflix series, she settled back in the French capital to work on Emily in Paris. The show brought her great fame. From the very first appearance, in fact, Emily, Sylvie, Camille, Mindy and the rest of the protagonists have been the talk of the town for their looks, dividing the public between those who consider them too stereotypical, those who think they are too expensive for twenty-year-olds and those, on the contrary, who are in love with them as they haven't been since Sex and the City. The philosophy followed by Fitussi to dress the cast? "Refined tastes are too boring." Despite her motto, the costume designer is not interested in launching trends, but only in creating outfits that make sense for the characters and reflect their character, background and evolution in the storyline.

The images that have appeared on the net in recent weeks promise us a great series of wow looks, especially for Emily. In the playbill, for example, we see her wearing a pastel pink, fluffy dress from Giambattista Valli Fall-Winter 2021-22 Haute Couture collection that perfectly suits her character, which is both romantic and contemporary. In other scenes, however, he alternates metallic textures such as a leather Dundas miniskirt, colorful jumpers, floral prints, animal prints as in the jacket designed by di Dolce&Gabbana for SS22, checked bikinis with 60s references, maxi blazers, double-breasted suits, golden trench coats to wear over shorts, eccentric garments covered in feathers, polka dots, bright colors, unexpected and daring combinations. All pieces Fitussi chose from more than 40,000 fashion and accessory items that included creations by Valentino, archive looks by Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix, Kévin Germanier, Grace Ling and Victor Weinsanto, among others.

Fitussi guarantees that in Emily in Paris 3 there will be, as in previous seasons, a lot of color, although the show's creator Darren Star recalled that France's national colors for style are black, grey and white. "French people hate to be overdressed and to be the center of attention sometimes. They want to be neutral. They want to disappear but at the same time they want to have designer [labels]. I am questioning why the French are so afraid of the colorful world and why so few designers are using colors", said the costume designer, pointing out that she decided to reinterpret the French style in a personal way, daring with bright colors and trying to contaminate Emily and Sylvie's wardrobes. In the third, we will see Sylvie embrace color with the same boldness and confidence as Emily. While, the American will wear her boss's high-waisted trousers in a style all her own, in an ongoing game of mutual admiration and competition. Curious? Not much longer and we will see the result of Fitussi's work and how the styles of the protagonists of Emily in Paris have evolved.