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5 ideas to steal from Jacquemus' wedding

The event that made socials be wanting a wedding can actually be a big source of inspiration

5 ideas to steal from Jacquemus' wedding The event that made socials be wanting a wedding can actually be a big source of inspiration

"Having been a gay child, it was crucial for me to feel the love of the town where I grew up at such an important moment," so writes Simon Porte Jacquemus on IG recounting in a series of stories his wedding day, which took place at the location in Charleval, Provence. The ceremony took place with a secular rite in the village square, filled with wooden chairs for the occasion, where the designer and husband Marco Maestri happily said their "YES," and then left riding two vintage cars as usual. Where is fashion in this bucolic glimpse? Everywhere. From the arrival of guests of the caliber of Dua Lipa, Tina Tunakey, Amina Muaddi, and many other friends of the designer on what looked like a white carpet, everyone was strictly dressed Jacquemus and wore both garments from the SS22 collection like the stunning "Don't Start Now" singer and the Simon Porte brand's latest collaboration with Nike. In addition to these details, we dug up 5 more, all of which we can copy for a fairytale wedding like the designer's.

1. Didn't miss the veil 

Jacquemus wore an impeccable black suit, and Marco a cream suit, respecting the canonical two-tone ratio of wedding imagery. Since this was a wedding, the veil could not be missing, and Simon Porte played inventive by tucking it into the back pocket of the pants, so as to have a mini train and precisely evoke the iconography of the wedding dress. Spoiler: for the official ceremony, the designer paid homage to the veil with a detail, but during the evening in the club "La Discoteca" that she had specially built to host the dance party after the dinner with the guests, she wore a full veil dress together with her husband and many other dancers, in scenes that she did not "want to share on social" but that Dua Lipa impudently posted to the delight of all the designer's supporters. 

2. Canvas wedding favors with the bride and groom's signatures

In the stories Simon Jacquemus shared a photo of the wedding favors: a sky gray canvas necessaire with the signatures of the bride and groom imprinted in contrasting black held by his mother Valérie, who walked him down the aisle. A simple idea that can be easily reused by guests, especially if signed by Jacquemus. 

3. Champagne Pyramid

A pyramid of goblets stacked on top of each other filled with Champagne dominated the large patio where the wedding festivities began, where guests and the newlyweds danced to the sound curated by Jacquemus' father and brother, who has a band. 

4. The table in the tree-lined driveway

One of the most photographed moments of Jacquemus' wedding celebration was at dinner: diners took their places along the driveway of Jacquemus' family home, where the table was decorated with sunflowers and flowers in palettes, olive branches and chunky candles, the mise en place curated with cotton napkins with Simon and Matthew's names hand-stitched, place cards with guest's names sewn on and silver cutlery. Accomplice to the beautiful sunset that kissed the evening, despite the designer nervousness because everything was perfect, the moment of the dinner is poised to become an object of veneration by the moodboard profiles of the social world who already admire the aesthetic care of Jacquemus accustomed to organizing events and setting up high-impact locations, from PR events to fashion shows.


5. The cake designed by Simon Porte


"I designed this cake months ago, and it was my dream to represent a giant figurine of a gay couple on top of a giant cake," writes the designer, who finally crowns his dream of love at a time in history when LGBTQIA+ rights are increasingly recognized, but letting out all the suffering he has had to live through in his past of social acceptance. The cake was a white structure made in tiers on which cream puffs were placed, which each guest was able to taste to the point of getting his or her dress dirty from gluttony, as Elena Cavagnara did.