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10 Steamiest Scenes in Movie & TV History

It has to do with a peach, a broken bed, a potter's wheel, and a shower

10 Steamiest Scenes in Movie & TV History It has to do with a peach, a broken bed, a potter's wheel, and a shower

The website FandomSpot decided to find out which are the hottest ever in movies and TV. The approach to come up with the list was quite scientific: it hooked up 100 readers (from different backgrounds, locations, gender identities, sexual orientations, and ages) to heart rate monitors and asked them to watch 50 sexy scenes, alone in a room, with nothing to distract them. We don't know exactly which titles were part of the experiment, but the final selection seems to lean toward contemporary and mainstream projects. Want a clue about the winners? So, don't expect to find Gaspar Noé's Love, Brokeback Mountain, Boogie Nights, Basic Instinct or Eyes Wide Shut. Movies and TV series with scenes that got viewers' heart rates up include a cult romantic from the '90s, Ryan Gosling, a peach, a series based on a popular book, two superheroes and a hot shower.

Here are the 10 steamiest scenes in movie and TV history.


Final sex scene in "Normal People" 

With a total of 19 sex scenes and 29 kissing scenes, the series based on Sally Rooney's novel became famous not only for the love story between Marianne and Connell, but for the realism with which it dealt with sex, from virginity loss to BDSM experiments. Credit must be shared between the actors and intimacy coordinator Ita O'Brien, who made sure that Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal were always comfortable while filming the series. Since the young protagonists spend a considerable amount of time under the sheets (about 41 minutes total), the hot scenes stuck in viewers' memories are many, and everyone has a favorite. The last one, however, is so hot that it made their heart rates spike. The secret is perhaps the intimacy and chemistry emanating from Marianne and Connell. The two have broken up and reconnected several times. When they meet again they are older, wiser, still in love and attracted to each other. They are, finally, both emotionally and physically and connected.  As they change positions they are as fluid as if they were dancing to a choreography that only they know. There is passion. There is tenderness.


Pottery scene from "Ghost"

1990. Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze star in Ghost, the blockbuster supernatural romance following the story of Sam, who died an untimely death at the hands of a mugger who must find a way to communicate with his fiancée Molly from beyond the grave. In the middle of the night, before the tragedy unfolds, the girl is working at the lathe, behind her is Sam. As their hands intertwine and sink into the wet clay, they begin to kiss until the passion between the two explodes. All to the notes Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. Despite so many parodies this scene still manages to make many people's hearts flutter.


The bed breaking scene from "Jessica Jones"

The first truly mature romance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Between Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) and Luke Cage (Mike Colter) there is more than innuendo and romantic kissing, there is passion. When, after a softer first encounter, they have sex for the second time, aware of each other's special powers, sparks literally fly. In an attempt to test each other's physical limits, it is not their stamina that gets the worst of it, but the bed that collapses to the floor destroyed. The only drawback of sex between two superheroes. 


Peach scene from "Call Me By Your Name"

When Luca Guadagnino shot Call Me By Your Name he perhaps did not expect to become the man who made it so that none of us could ever look at a peach the same way again. Yet it only took him a few minutes and the help of Timothée Chalamet to change the perception of this summer fruit forever. We all know that scene. Elio, in the grip of teenage hormones and boredom decides to experiment with something new. And voila: here is a peach. He sticks his fingers into the pulp, lets the juice run down his chest and abdomen, and passes it from one hand to the other as he looks up at the ceiling. Then he unbuttons his pants and brings the fruit closer to his private parts. After seeing this hot scene in the cinema, will the purchase of peaches be increased tenfold? In our opinion, yes.


Alex and Piper first shower scene from "Orange Is The New Black"

The series starts with a bang right from the pilot. Piper (Taylor Schilling) ends up in prison for a crime committed years earlier and runs into ex-girlfriend Alex (Laura Prepon). As she prepares to take a shower, she is reminded of a memory that made viewers' pulses sputter: her and Alex kissing passionately under the water spray. An intimate, sensual, hot scene that lasts only a few frames but hints at the mood of the rest of the Orange Is The New Black episodes. A summer binge-watching of the entire series is a must.


The post-fight rough sex scene in 2Mr & Mrs Smith"

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and the movie that made them fall in love. That alone would be enough for many to get their pulses racing. But, if you want a few more reasons to take a cold shower, the two handsome former partners are indulging in passion on set after engaging in a no-holds-barred fight. It seems that Jolie, of all people, decided to star in Mr. & Mrs. Smith precisely because she was intrigued by the idea of a married couple trying to kill each other, and was particularly suited not only because of her well-known fondness for guns (particularly knives), but because she already had two failed marriages behind her. The fact that Pitt was the co-star did not, however, seem to excite her too much. Angelina is said to have thought he was too "clean" and "straight," while she described herself as "kind of dirty." Perhaps. For a time, however, opposites attracted.


Dr. Izzie asking Dr. Karev to take his pants off before hooking up in "Grey’s Anatomy"

Alex (Justin Chambers) and Izzie (Katherine Heigl) are one of the most beloved couples on Grey's Anatomy. Friends, sex partners, boyfriends, husband and wife, exes and then couple again. Their love story has many different phases, but it touches one of its hottest moments in the 16th episode of the second season. A bombshell inside Seattle Grace Hospital makes everyone uncomfortable, and the turmoil prompts Izzie to confront Alex Karev with a scene and an exchange of lines that have remained in the memory of fans of the series: "I haven't had sex in eight months and 12 days. I'm horny, I'm half-naked, and I'm saying yes. Do you want to stand there and talk metaphors or do you want to literally take off your pants?" And, magically, the pants disappear.


Jonathan Pine bearing his bottom while getting intimate with Jemima "Jed" Marshall in "The Night Manager2

The miniseries based on John Le Carré's novel of the same name stars Hugh Laurie as a corrupt businessman named Richard Roper and Tom Hiddleston as Jonathan Pine, a spy of sorts who goes undercover to bring him to justice. The scene that sent Twitter into a frenzy in 2016, at the time of the BBC-produced show's airing, is found in the fourth episode: Pine has a sex encounter with Jemima "Jed" Marshall, Roper's girlfriend. Getting the heart rate up is the comments is Hiddleston's naked butt. Are you considering a rewatch?


Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist in 2The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"

A disgraced journalist and a cyber-goth hacker. They are two drifting, complicated, flawed human beings who meet in the course of an investigation that will uncover dark secrets. Together they are wrong, yet they work. So much so that the sex between them takes ninth place on the list of the hottest scenes in the history of cinema and TV. The only question is, is there more chemistry between Michael Nyqvist and Noomi Rapace in the movie OG or between Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara in the remake directed by David Fincher?


Noah and Allie undressing each other before getting intimate for the second time in "The Notebook"

Having to pick a sexy moment from The Notebook, probably many of us would have opted for the scene in which Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) reunite as adults and, after yet another squabble, have sex. Instead, the FandomSpot team preferred one of the opening scenes. The two are still teenagers and they awkwardly undress in front of each other, lie on a sheet spread on the floor of an old dilapidated mansion and start kissing. Too bad Allie is so nervous that she can't stop talking, and to make matters worse, they are interrupted before they get to the point. Maybe we miss it, but we don't see the hotness of the situation.