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Epic kisses that shaped pop culture

From Britney Spears and Madonna to Kim and Kanye in Bound 2

Epic kisses that shaped pop culture From Britney Spears and Madonna to Kim and Kanye in Bound 2

Last year, International Kiss Day was celebrated with a nostalgic mood given the impossibility dictated by the pandemic condition of exchanging effusions freely. Today, 6 July 2022 marks International Stolen Kiss Day, an anniversary celebrated with a libertine and carefree mood in a new-found normality, which in Italy is also commemorated on 13 April. To celebrate it, we remember the kisses that have marked pop culture since the early 2000s, garnering thousands of likes and shares: from the kiss that stopped time at the 2003 MTV VMAs between Madonna and Britney that has now become an NFT, to the famous kiss of the couple in the middle of the Vancouver riot that is still together today, there are many iconic scenes not to be forgotten, as in the case of the pictures taken by the American photographer Chris McGrath at the Ukrainian border at the very beginning of the conflict in February 2022. With the hope of continuing to see kisses that cork passion and transport and not moments of farewell, here is a selection of 10 kisses that have marked pop culture from the 2000s to today.

Spiderman (2002)

Toby McGuire and Kirsten Dunst are the protagonists of an action-movie that has changed the conception of Spiderman and given pop-culture a golden meme. The scene of the kiss upside down has been parodied endlessly, as well as imitated by the cult series of the early 2000 The O.C. and new versions of the story of the spider man, but not yet in the series starring one of the couples of the year, Tom Holland and Zendaya, Spiderman: Far from Home (2019) and Spiderman: No way Home (2021).

Madonna & Britney MTV vmas (2003)

A kiss initially thought to satisfy the evil gaze but that was actually the first step towards a more fluid representation of queer women’s sexuality in traditional media. The choreographed performance of "Like a Virgin" and "Hollywood" by the Material Girl par excellence saw a double kiss on the stage First with Britney and then with Christina Aguilera, but on which the cameras glided to film the reaction of Justin Timberlake, also on stage. During a live IG, Madonna also stated that she could revive the historic kiss with Britney on her next tour.

The Notebook (2004)

The Notebook A kiss that does not need a foretaste of the tumultuous love story between Noah and Ellie. The moment when the couple left before his departure in the war for misunderstandings and differences leaves the audience breathless, even to the umpteenth rewatch. The funny thing is that the actors also staged an IRL version of the iconic outpouring at the 2005 MTV Music Awards, in a much more punk rock version.

Gossip Girl - Chuck & Blair (2008)

The couple that made all fans of the series set in a New York almost utopian Upper East Side has let go at the first kiss in a limousine after a party that was more than fun painful, as will remember who recently finished yet another rewatch. Always on the verge of toxic behavior and new gossip, Chuck and Blair represent the idea of love between tormented souls that makes teenagers dream even today.

Vancouver Kiss (2011)

Ads On the night the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, Richard Lam took thousands of photos of people rioting in the streets of the city, but of all the thousands of photos one stands out on the other. Lam caught a moment when a couple is kissing literally lying on the street, with the police in riot gear around them. The photo, known as "The Kiss of Vancouver Riot" has been around the web almost as much as the historic photo of the sailor kissing a girl just landed after the war, "The Kissing Sailor", which was slightly more problematic.

Kim and Kanye - Bound 2 (2013)

A music video that marked the beginning of the Kimye eraofficially ended last year with the closure of a report that defined the decade of 2010 between music videos, somewhat trash appearances and family lunches fully recorded on Snapchat. Kim and Kanye’s Harley Davison kiss was so eloquent that it earned a parody by James Franco and Seth Rogen. Today Kim is used to exchanging effusions with a Davidson that has nothing to do with motorcycles.

Euphoria (2019)

An unconventional love story that deals with trauma, adolescent weaknesses, drugs and diversity that of Rue and Jules, LGBTQ+ couple par excellence in the corollary of the TV series of recent years. Their relationship, which began as a kind friendship, crossed the boundaries of romantic love and resulted in external dynamics to the power of the two protagonists. Despite the development of the series, their first kiss remains unforgettable.

Lil Nas X Bet Awards (2021)

During the performance of "Call Me by Your Name" extracted from the album "Montero" Lil Nas X threw himself into a passionate kiss with one of his dancers on stage, collecting mixed criticism. Between the outrage of the cisgender audience and the exultation of the LGBTQ+ universe, comes Madonna’s comment "I did it first" referring to the iconic kiss with Britney mentioned above. The difference is that the 2003 kiss had as target a male audience, while the kiss of the singer was addressed to the attention of an audience that after a pandemic and years of global struggles can let go into the world without being court-martialed.

Chris McGrath Ukraine War (2022)

"That last kiss represents the two before they separated, it was a moving moment and something that really tells me what it was about" McGrath at NBC News talking about his expedition to the Ukrainian border territory stormed by Russian troops since February 2022, marking the beginning of a strenuous conflict for the populations involved and the whole of humanity.