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Dua Lipa has been accused of plagiarising "Levitating"

A US band has sued the singer for copyright infringement

Dua Lipa has been accused of plagiarising Levitating A US band has sued the singer for copyright infringement

This time, Dua Lipa isn't in the news for the end of her relationship with Anwar Hadid or the Mugler outfits she's worn on tour, but for an accusation of plagiarism. According to Artikal Sound System, her hit Levitating  is allegedly a copy of a song they released in 2017 called Live Your Life. The reggae band has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the singer in Los Angeles federal court, claiming that "Given the degree of similarity, it is highly unlikely that Levitating was created independently from Live Your Life" and that Dua Lipa, Sarah Hudson, Clarence Coffee Jr. and Stephen Kozmeniuk, the other writers of the track on Future Nostalgia, "listened to and copied Live Your Life before and during the time they were writing Levitating"

Levitating was an international hit, reaching number five in the UK sales chart for 73 weeks and number two in the US sales chart for 68 weeks. YouTube views also reached over 475 million. Dua predicted that fans would love the song, which was instrumental in the development of the whole album, right from the start:

"I can never preempt what song people are going to react to the best but Levitating was the first song that helped dictate the rest of the album."

So far, the British singer has made no official comment on the plagiarism allegations, but it is certain that Artikal Sound System expect some kind of financial reparation.