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Julia Fox and Kanye reportedly broke up

The actress celebrates her Valentine's Day opening Laquan Smith at NYFW

Julia Fox and Kanye reportedly broke up The actress celebrates her Valentine's Day opening Laquan Smith at NYFW

She deletes all the photos with him from social networks, denies the news that sees her desperate at the airport after the breakup, puts like to his ex-wife and wears a revenge dress at NYFW opening the parade of Laquan Smith. This is how Julia Fox handles the official breakup with Kanye West, in a way that many can agree with, especially after the rapper's powerful outbursts in recent days, which show his shaky mental stability.  The Italian-born actress responded to Daily Mail headlines announcing her crying at the Los Angeles airport on social media:

"I haven't cried since 1997, and I especially wouldn't cry over THIS! If anything, I laughed more than I used to and if I was I'm aesthetically perfect, it's [because] I exited at terminal 1 and ran to walk to terminal 7 [because] I was [flying] late for a plane to see the only men that matter, which [are] my son and my father."

The relationship had gotten off to a flying start, with the first date followed live by an Interview Magazine report, couple appearances at Paris Fashion Week and a proven ascendancy on trends, the couple that ushered in 2022 has already put out its fire, raising suspicion about the likely marketing move staged to launch Julia Fox into the star system. There have been many criticisms levelled at the actress by both the press and her social audience, deemed "without personal style" and "a carbon copy of Kim", given the metamorphosis of her closet, from "New York Classic" girl to total black outfits, strong make-up, ensembles totally signed Schiaparelli and Yeezy X Gap and an increasingly slender figure.

Crude also the accusations of having lived in the shadow of Kanye for all the achievements in the last period, which Fox and her friends - including the co-host of her podcast Forbidden Fruit, Niki Takesh - addressed in an 'interview for The Cut, entitled "Julia Fox is her own muse", where she talks about her new and stronger popularity, which she must learn to manage better and also about the heartbeat relationship experienced with Kanye, the timing of their days and especially the difficulty of always being active and in the right place at the right time.

"Everything is so much more amplified, and everything feels so much more serious[on Kanye's level] just because of how many people are watching you.... I never wanted to be super-mega famous. For some celebrities it's a life sentence. They get lonely and paranoid and hide. I refuse to not live authentically."

Julia would prefers a celebrity niche, and after the boost given by her relationship with Kanye, she'll focus on the most important men in her life, her son Valentino and her father, although with Monday's February 14 Laquan Smith runway show, the neo-celeb definitely continued to walk the path set in the last period. A black dress down to her ankles, with a breathtaking cut-out on the chest and bare shoulders that gathered her slender Juno silhouette was the outfit worn for the runway of the American designer, also loved by the Kardashians.

The actress's desire to live authentically and not in someone's shadow seems genuine, however, because as she continues to tell The Cut that it was her stylists and lifelong friends, Rosenzwieg and Andalore, who raided Kanye's archives for that fateful first date, selected Miaou's exposed thong pants for dinner with Madonna, following the circumstances of the Uncut Gems actress' life and adapted her style to her needs. Julia works on herself as if she were working on a project, with a team of professionals and friends determined to give her what she deserves. And in Kanye has been a parenthesis.