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The rise of Sydney Sweenie

From The Handmaid's Tale to Euphoria and owning a production company

The rise of Sydney Sweenie From The Handmaid's Tale to Euphoria and owning a production company

Since the premiere of the second season of Euphoria on January 9, he stepped on the Red Carpet in a custom dress Miu Miu, on the Instagram boards there is no mention of Sydney Sweeney. American class of 1997 with porcelain skin, it certainly does not represent a new frontier of diversity, but it is part of the rose of actresses to keep an eye on for the future, that through increasingly important parts on the big screen are taking root for a career among the stars of the Hollywood sky. Along with colleagues Zendaya and Hunter Shafer is part of the cast of the series that has launched to date some of the most popular young faces of the moment, participated in major productions such as "Once upon a time in Hollywood", "The Handmaid’s tale" and "The White Lotus" by Mike White, but who was Sydney before playing Cassie and what relationship do you have with the amletic silences of your Euphoria?

Born in Spokane, Washington, she was already convinced that she was an actress as a child, taking Mom’s advice to fall in love as much as possible. At the age of 12 she submitted a business plan to her parents to convince them to give her an audition, which, surprised by the safety of the child, they decided to support her. As you told Los Angeles Confidential,

"the five-year plan explained pretty much what could happen to my life if they let me do it, the steps I had to take and the things I had to work hard for."

She immediately made it very clear to herself that it would not have been an easy road, but she would have made it. She studies, works hard and not only gets the role for the audition so much desired, but begins to make extras in 90210, Pretty Little Liars and Grey’s Anatomy, before getting the real roles in 2018. His approach to acting is morbid/immersive: he keeps notebooks where he develops the lives of his characters to fully empathize, as he tells Whowhatwear.

Her career began with an important part in the Netflix series Everything Sucks! and a cameo in the 2018 psychological thriller Sharp Objects by HBO, for which he studied stories of girls who suffered self-harm and even visited psychiatric hospitals to immerse themselves in the part, knowledge that has allowed her to best blend with the character she plays in Euphoria since 2019.

"She fell in love with every guy she was dating. Whether they were smart or stupid or sweet or cruel, it didn’t matter. She didn’t like being alone."

So tells the narrator of Rue (Zendaya) in the scene where attention moves for the first time on Cassie Howards, cheerleader with an infamous easy-girl past he can’t get rid of and deep relational traumas because of his relationship with his mother worsened after the separation of his parents. If in the first season the character seems static, in the second the fans of the series will witness a real twist. From the first episode of the second season it seems that the character is destined to become the new object of toxic attention of Nate (Jacob Elordi), freeing Maddie from the burden. What will happen we will find out only on Sunday with the release of the new episodes, also because the actress has never expressed on the news, but she only hinted that it was a challenge for her to turn this new page and grow with the character.

As a professional in his field, Sydney could do nothing but raise the bar, moving on to the other side of the goal: this summer he launched his production company, the Fifty Company, with which he produced and wrote the script for The Players Table, television adaptation of the novel They Wish They Were Us by Jessica Goodman, with singer Halsey in the cast.

Over the years, the recently named "Top Breakthough Entertainer of 2021" by Associated Press, in addition to acting and cinema, she gets passionate about reading, devours three books every summer, and also learns through pandemic to fix things, especially vintage cars, as he recounts in an interview with Pure Wow. Coming from a family of car enthusiasts, it was easy for her to buy a 1969 Ford Bronco and start restoring it. But not only hobbies: the world of the actress is expanding more and more towards the world of glossy magazines and fashion campaigns, and to date Sydney is on the covers of several magazines and testimonials of Guess and Tory Burch, posed for Savage X Fenty and in recent shooting wears Fendi, Chanel and Miumiu, to suggest the construction of an image ready to become testimonials of some luxury brands.