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Some of most stylish UK-based black women sneakerheads

Get inspired by their confidence,attitude and personal sense of swag

Some of most stylish UK-based black women sneakerheads Get inspired by their confidence,attitude and personal sense of swag

Celebrating and supporting black community women should be something that happens every day, even after Black History Month. In the streetwear world it is often easy to have as a reference point the style of big influencers like Aleali, who have contributed widening the popularity of streetwear aesthetics in the female sphere, but remains more complex, as for many other fields, get in touch with smaller creators and influencers who proudly carry on the style that managed to activate empowerment conversations for girls who love of sneakers. These black influencers and sneakerheads are inspired by style icons such as Rihanna, Zendaya and Naomi Campbell, who fascinate us every day with unmatched confidence and attitude. Though high-fashion looks aren't the norm, elements of black female swagger find their way into many fashionistas' wardrobes on a daily basis. nss G-Club highlights 10 of some of the most stylish outfits UK-based black sneakerheads that are rocking today to put them under the spotlight and give light to the interesting initiatives they conduct.

Every girl featured here has her own personal sense of swag, mixed in with a sprinkle of "black girl magic," from everyday fits to the coolest street style. 


Lara @larcissist

Lara is a model, lives in London and has just graduated in architecture. He loves music and his style is based on a balanced mix of feminine and matching garments with avant-garde sneakers and baggy fit to imitate.

“I wouldn’t say I have a specific personal style. What’s most important to me is wearing what I love, and what I’m comfortable in.”

Risa @vintagedollrisa

Risa is a content creator passionate about fashion, loves sneakers and everything that glitters. On her Youtube channel she talks about style and cultural issues about black beauty and support women’s empowerment in her community. She is the founder of the brand @GDSBRAND, which stands for "Girls Do Succeed", which attests to her passion.

"My taste has definitely matured over the years, and I've become more conscious of the brands I wear and the pieces I put together based on my height and body shape. I would say my personal style is heavily influenced by tomboy chic, 90s and cool girl aesthetics, as well as streetwear. Basically, anything cosy or baggy is a vibe!"


Wilson Rae @wilsonrae

Dazzling smile and outfits always on point, all seasoned by a strong passion for fashion that brings Wilson Rae, 23-year-old digital creator to mix sneakers and compose inspiring outfits for all his growing followers.

“I kind of channel ‘outdoor grandpa or lady of leisure’ lol, because I’m starting to dislike menswear and I’m more into women’s ‘luxury’ now”.


Stephanie Hulbert Thomas @stephanieht

The founder of @_womeninsneakers, profile that celebrates women in the sneaker industry to make room for women in a world still reserved for most men despite efforts could not miss this list. Patta, Air Jordan, Hummel, Nike and why not, even Dr. Martens are the brands she often wears at the feet, effectively demonstrating how personal style is all about calibrating mood and visual references.

“It’s so tricky to describe my individual style as it entirely depends on the day, I like to combine my more ‘softer’ pieces  teamed with   a leather jacket or chunky boot. I try to keep it super (classic) with elevated basics, wardrobe staples and a little sprinkle of this seasons colour palette. I ALWAYS have a pair of gold hoops and pair of kicks to complete the look.”

Coco Mell @cocomell

Creative consultant, fashion stylist, content creator and sneakers enthusiast are just some of the words that describe the working life of @cocomell, that crosses with a positive conversation towards the empowerment of the active female community in the world of streetwear and sneakers.

“My personal style is definitely an amalgamation of the times, being a 90’s baby I take a lot of my styling cues from that era infused with a modern-day twist with the volume of textures, colours & prints that I rock!”


Jade @jademacj

Jade is an influencer and content creator active in the fashion and design industry, is about to become an official lawyer and is a guest designer for Nike. A unique style completes the scenario of his personality, to be followed for advice and professional views on aesthetics.

"I would say my personal style is a combination of simple wearable pieces with inspiration drawn from 90s and early 2000s trends with occasional pops of colour!"


Isabella Johnson @iamisabellajohnson

Isabella is a content creator and activist for LGTBQ+ rights and mental health on social media, and in addition to having a unique style she manages an interesting profile that combines her driving interests in useful conversations to her community: @womxnwithvision is a profile created to share, learn and show some self love through panel talks and vision boarding sessions.

“My personal style is an urban blend of  vintage meets new age. Taking inspiration from the places I’ve travelled and the dance, hip hop and sporting scenes I’ve been immersed in from my youth. That and colour.. lots of color!”


Ocean Lewis @oceanlewis

“My personal style has always naturally leaned towards more comfier fits, but still wanting to look put together. I probably own a tracksuit for every colour of the rainbow!”

From sportswear to more classic details and high fashion accessories, each of these 10 women has her own personal sense of style, with a sprinkle of "black magic" put on everyday outfits to coolest street style fits.