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Y2K mania: the return of 00s celebrities

Where have they been all this time?

Y2K mania: the return of 00s celebrities Where have they been all this time?

The cyclical fashion system seems to have been absorbed by pop culture as well. In what looks like a time loop, the news from today’s star system contains names already known to many, especially the Millennials, who teenagers in the 90s became particularly fond of the personalities of Britney Spears, Kourtney Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Megan Fox and Avril Lavigne among others and are experiencing a massive comeback in icons. Nostalgia is physiological in times of crisis, and in the current historical period the past to look at is very close, almost a near past, characterized by a strong desire to live again in the most hectic years for celebrity culture and gossip. Between impulse hair shaving, psychological breakdowns, traumas or financial declines, the celebrites of the end of the millennium may seemed finished in the oblivion by now, but here they are coming back under the spotlight, through interviews, initiatives, products of all kinds, make-up, new relationships, documentaries and wellness collections. In this Y2K daydream, we pick up the thread were we left it in the late 90s-2000 era to understand where our favorite Y2K celebrities have been in this space-time hole and where they start back today. Spoiler: This article contains no trace of a backfire between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, even if we really wanted to, too.


The Russian pop-punk duo T.a.t.u has recently announced their reunion, set for Spring 2022. The singers of the hit "All the things she said" was iconic for the sedimentation of 90's school girl aesthetic because of the aesthetic impact of video recalling grunge atmospheres where a romantic relationship took place. They disappeared after the scandal who disclosed their marketing manager's strategy to use homosexuality tokenistically, creating a fake lesbian imagery for the duo to break through. Lena Karina and Julia Volkova (yes, we already checked, she's not in any way connected to Miu Miu's and Blumarine innovative stylist) are ready to come back to the scenes after developing solo careers until now, concretizing the return of pop-punk celebs in 2021.

Britney Spears

The princess of American pop and graphic-tees has been the protagonist of unusual events in the last two years, and has come back to tell everyone. The documentary Britney vs. Spears tells the story with a journalistic-investigative cut on the custody of his father on the singer, active since 2008, after the breakdown of 2007 - the year in which the photo in which she deliberately shaves her hair to zero - until this September. Jamie Spears held legal authority and managed a $60 million estate on behalf of her daughter because she was reputedly declared incapable of "managing financial affairs" and in serious mental health conditions by the official documents, analyzed in the documentary. Before the documentary and during the pandemic the huge fan community interpreted the singer’s difficulties, emerging from weird contents posted on her Instagram profile, identifying castrating limits of her custody and drawing public attention to the condition of their beloved star: the #Freebritney movement truly changed things for Britney.

Travis Barker and Kourney Kardashian

An unusual couple at first glance, but that works unsuspectingly well. Blink-182’s explosive ex-drummer today is busy producing music and reuniting the world of punk with events like his live-stream "Travis Barker House of Horror" concert on October 28th with many guests like Avril Lavigne and Machine Gun Kelly, while sharing everyday life with the greatest of the sisters of the Kardashian Empire, Kourtney, also a star of the 2000s in the first editions of the reality show that made the family famous. The two officially appeared on the red carpet of the Met Gala 2021 in an ode to nostalgia 2000 wearing outfits that recall the world of punk and grunge. The couple is very close, so much to face together one of the greatest traumas of the musician, fly again: after a tragic accident in 2008 in which he lost two colleagues and suffered severe physical repercussions in addition to post-traumatic stress syndrome Travis had no longer taken a plane. 

Megan Fox

Another icon linked to the grunge world re-emerges from the 2000s, Megan Fox. The actress had moved away from the scene due to bad experiences with male producers and directors in Hollywood after the cult film Jennifer’s Body, which had elevated her to a sex symbol and consequently objectified. She recently divorced after 10 years of marriage with Brian Austin Green, and then rediscovered love thanks to rapper Machine Gun Kelly, known on the set of an indie thriller blocked cause of pandemic and with whom she collaborated as "dominatrix girlfriend" in the MGK music video "Bloody Valentine". Couple of photos in the mirror and in the most exclusive bathroom of the Met Gala 2021 together with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker posted on Instagram make it official.

Avril Lavigne

Fishnet stockings in combos with black Converse and pink tulle are the trademark of Avril Lavigne, who accompanied the adolescence of the Millennial with pop-punk hits such as sk8r boi, Girlfriend and Innocence. The singer had encountered health problems related to the frenetic rhythms of her life as a singer always on tour, which along with Lyme syndrome led her to hospitalization and a forced, prolonged stop from the scenes, long enough as to make fans think of a presumed disappearance. In 2020, the rebel icon of female pop-punk returns to health and, therefore, also to make music: after the legendary video about Tiktok with Tony Hawke, Avril will participate in the live-stream concert "Travis Barker House of Horrors" and has an album in progress.

Paris Hilton

Let’s face it, when you think of the '90s, you always think of her first. Paris Hilton is the O.G. influencer, an heiress to have made his person a real brand. Between sequined outfits, Juicy Couture velvet suits, diamond-studded Motorola and unforgettable temporary best friends, the self-titled #Bossbabe has never stopped being under the limelight. From his DJ career at the Hushuaia in Ibiza to his upcoming wedding, Paris now has a podcast in which she talks about love, commitment and work, and a TV series on Netflix where she cooks with prominent sous chefs such as Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato, called Cooking with Paris.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

An engagement that made millions of fans dream in 2002, then the wedding continually postponed and finally the break up in 2004. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are proof that a love that breaks can always be fixed, in Hollywood: after Jlo’s divorce from Marc Anthony and Alex Rodriguez, the two stars of the 90s start dating again after the pandemic, and then make it official with posts on Instagram. Now they participate along with events and red carpets brighter than ever.