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Diane Keaton's best fashion moments

From Annie Hall's tomboy wardrobe to the ultra-cool outfits she shows on Instagram

Diane Keaton's best fashion moments From Annie Hall's tomboy wardrobe to the ultra-cool outfits she shows on Instagram

I wore what I wanted to wear, or, rather, I stole what I wanted to wear from cool-looking women on the streets of New York. Annie’s khaki pants, vests, and tie came from them. I stole the hat from Aurore Clément, Dean Tavoularis’s future wife, who showed up on the set of The Godfather: Part II one day wearing a man’s slouchy bolero pulled down low over her forehead...the finishing touch on the so-called Annie Hall look. 

This is how Diane Keaton describes to the outfit of one of the most famous fashion icon-characters in movie history: khaki pants, button-down shirt, vest, tie and hat. In fact, even if the costume credits are by Ruth Morley, there is a lot of Diane, who won the Oscar for Best Actress for this performance, in Annie: the sense of style, the surname (which was born Hall and then chose Keaton), the spirit. 

Stylish. Free. Unique. Iconic. That's what she was in the '70s when in the comedy of Woody Allen, her partner in crime for a long time, she converted millions of girls in love with miniskirts and mini dresses to the tomboy aesthetic and she still does nowadays when from her Instagram profile she reveals the codes of her timeless style.  Her essentials are the same as always, including the power suit and pants. Her wardrobe consists also of black & white, polka dots, deconstructed dresses, midi skirts, men's cut shirts, baggy jeans, combat boots, pearls, bowler hats and gloves. They are all items that seem the perfect mirror of her charisma and do not work as well on anyone else. Maybe they had the same impact only on Katharine Hepburn, absolute muse from whom she inherited independence of thought and androgynous charm.

The truth is, all of us want to be Diane, popping through the screen with just our presence, proudly displaying an irresistible mix of neurosis, emotionality, humor, intelligence, talent, and impeccable taste. Like her, we all wish we were the most messed up and perfectly imperfect girl in the room. Perhaps that's why the California actress has survived decades of trends, more or less successful movies and even the domain of social media. Actually, she has done more. She has become a real influencer with millions of followers who carefully study her outfits and follow her tips not only in fashion, but also in interior design, which is another great passion of the actress that she nurtures in her Pinterest account from which a few years ago was born a book (super chic, ça va sans dire) entitled The House That Pinterest Built. Among her biggest fans there are three very special ones: Bella Hadid, Alessandro Michele and Justin Bieber. The first is often inspired by Diane's vintage and contemporary looks; the second hired her for Gucci The Beloved Show campaign; while the third wanted her in the video for his latest single Ghost. In the images, the singer and Keaton play grandmother and grandson taking long walks on Ventura Beach, dancing and online dating. Of course, the actress' style is, as always, great and full of pieces from Gucci, Marni, Aimé Leon Dore, Balenciaga, Thom Browne and Comme des Garçons. Who wouldn't want a grandmother like that?

To celebrate the return to the spotlight of this style icon, we look back at some of Diane Keaton's best fashion moments.