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5 new haute perfumery scents for summer 2021

For an exciting olfactory memory linked to the season that is about to begin

5 new haute perfumery scents for summer 2021 For an exciting olfactory memory linked to the season that is about to begin

“Nothing awakens reminiscence like an aroma” as the famous French writer, poet, playwright and politician Victor-Marie Hugo said.
With the aim of giving a unique olfactory memory of the much-desired summer we are facing, nss G-Club has selected 5 new haute parfumerie scents to discover this summer. From the freshest and fruity notes to the sweet, amber and floral ones, are you ready to discover these new works of art in the form of fragrances?


Maison Christian Dior - Eden-Roc

A steep promontory bathed in the sun and surrounded by white rocks immersed in the waters of the Mediterranean; an estate hidden in a natural casket, in the shade of immense Aleppo pines; a swimming pool that seems to merge with the sea, a majestic path that leads to the Napoleon III style palace, once baptized, the “Villa of the sun”: here are the images evoked by the mere pronouncement of “Eden-Roc”. The Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc celebrated its 150th anniversary last year and the Maison Christian Dior has chosen to honor the most famous of luxury hotels, with the creation of a fragrance by Parfumer-creator François Demachy.

The notes of the fragrance summarize the uniqueness of the Mediterranean: marine smells, flowers and citrus fruits, aromatic fragrances and maritime pines. The salty top note that imposes itself energetically at the opening leaves room for the delicate smell of "dolce far niente" evoked thanks to a note of jasmine enhanced by a touch of coconut. A vivid and fresh closure, obtained thanks to the notes of pine, completes the genderless proposal for summer 2021. A fragrance capable of evoking the magic of a place where sea, nature and pleasure come together, creating an indissoluble bond. The new Dior fragrance, available in three sizes of 125ml, 250ml and 450ml, is an anthem aimed at enhancing the typical elegance of the French Riviera.


Acqua di Parma - Blu Mediterraneo, Bergamotto di Calabria

The olfactory journey continues and from the French Riviera we move to southern Italy, precisely to Calabria. The new Eau de Toilette unveiled by Acqua di Parma brings with it the traditional artisanal processes, a unique heritage of the Italian micro-territories, which has always been held in the highest regard by the Maison. From the name of the perfume it is easy to deduce the close connection with the territory, with the bergamot fields where the ancient technique of sponging is still practiced today. A fascinating process that involves the manual extraction of the essence of bergamot. Two skilled artisans can work between 75 and 100 kilos of fruit in an hour and at least 200 kg are required to obtain a kilo of essential oil. The sponge, sweet and soft in contact with the rind, preserves all the facets of the fruit and it is this unique sillage that distinguishes La Spugnatura Bergamotto di Calabria.

Offered in an elegant cobalt blue porcelain bottle decorated with white fruits and golden reflections, the fragrance, available only in the 100ml format, is a precious limited edition. The bergamot opening is enhanced by notes of mandarin and orange that enhance its juicy and fruity accents, while grapefruit enhances the more bitter ones. The green notes of galbanum reveal the mineral nuances and floral scents of geranium, highlighting its enveloping sweetness.


Diptyque - Ilio

The celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Maison continue and we arrive at the third key moment, the one in which Diptyque pays homage to nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The summer collection celebrates the authenticity of nature and in particular those Mediterranean landscapes where Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet, two of the three founding members of Diptyque, loved to regenerate and from which, since 1960, they have drawn a large quantity of raw materials and memories for future creations and fragrances. Mediterranean scents become the protagonists of the summer 2021 proposals, a range that offers the olfactory reminiscences of the Italian, Provençal and Greek landscapes so much appreciated for their beauty without artifice. On these same coasts, the English artist Luke Edward Hall, the illustrator in charge of drawing the universe of the summer collection, also loves to go: the Greek island of Hydra, the Riviera and the Amalfi Coast are his favorite destinations.

The Eau de toilette proposed by Diptyque for the summer season is called ILIO. A concentrate of summer captured in a limited edition bottle, embellished by the colorful simplicity of the English artist's illustration, available in 100ml format. The prickly pear, with its fresh and succulent notes, is at the heart of the sophisticated composition. Bergamot enhances its liveliness, while jasmine softens its green facets with a delicate floral note. As a final touch, iris softens the accord with a muffled sweetness. The gem of the summer collection? ILIO hair perfume, available in 30 ml format, is the perfect accessory to be associated with the fragrance, an original and certainly appreciated gift idea.


Byredo - Open Sky

A gender neutral fragrance in a limited edition of 100ml, which celebrates - and at the same time captures - the suspended time, the void between departure and destination. A tribute to the journey born at a time when the whole world found itself immobile and presented in 2021.

Open Sky, a fragrance from the spicy woody group, opens with a lively pomelo veiled with hemp leaves. A seductive undercurrent guaranteed by the spice of black pepper, the woody accord of Palo Santo and the heady charm of vetiver at the end offer a transcendent dimensionality to the refreshing realm of citrus. A unique fragrance created to evoke the abstract allure of an infinite horizon, perfect for travelers and for those who dream of returning to do so as soon as possible.


Tom Ford - Private Blend Soleil Brûlant

Presented in a fully gold lacquered bottle, the new unisex fragrance from the woody amber group, Soleil Brûlant, available in two sizes of 50ml and 250ml, combines extraordinary freshness and warm intensity: bolder and more decisive than the previous Soleil collections. it is the olfactory representation of the shining, warm golden sun and that radiates on a private oasis.

The fragrance presents a fresh opening thanks to the notes of bergamot, mandarin and pink pepper and evolves leaving room for a heart of orange blossom, enhanced by a seductive touch of black honey. The base notes give a passionate and enveloping finish thanks to the warmth of amber, embellished with resin, woody notes, leather and vetiver. A magnetic combination with a strong attraction, ideal for any season, especially the summer one. We are sure that this sparkling novelty can represent an exciting olfactory memory linked to the summer we are about to experience.