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5 unforgettable princesses and why everyone loves them

From Cleopatra to Diana Spencer, royal style and beauty are destined to last forever

5 unforgettable princesses and why everyone loves them From Cleopatra to Diana Spencer, royal style and beauty are destined to last forever

There was a time when style was the most honest representation of power or of belonging to a certain social class, and I think it's fair to say that for a long-time fashion has suffered from a strong fascination, or obsession, for the clothes worn in royal courts. Just think of the sumptuous collection of Vivienne Westwood for her fall-winter 1995, or the baroque haute couture autumn-winter designed by John Galliano in 2008 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Christian Dior, up to the Resort 2013 collection of Chanel, presented at the Palace of Versailles, the location also chosen by Dior for his show in March 2021. An enchantment that has victimized even the coolest TV series of recent years, such as the recent Bridgerton, to name one, which has made the fashion of the court the exciting ground for the development of its plot.

Skirts, flounces, corsets, diamonds, tiaras, jewels, precious stones, shoes in silk, crystal, exotic leathers. And more hats, lace, feathers, bright colors, long capes. From the Roman Empire to the Ancien Régime with Marie Antoinette, the ante-litteram influencer, up to the super chatted Royal Family, fashion, and court style, for centuries far from the modern concept of less is more, have been the silent backgrounds of incredible stories, enclosed within castle walls and high hedges of flower gardens, where the dress code followed a single directive: the spectacularity of one's look. 

And even though through the ages the royal allure has been cleaned up by making chic-minimalism an essential point of its DNA, it has never lost that seductive element, which continues to capture the curious and indiscreet gaze of the common passer-by. After all, we have all at least once played the role of a princesses. They, able to enchant with a dress, excite with a jewel, amaze to the point of shock for a sporty look and a sneaker. But still women who choose fashion to tell their own story to live, a bit like each of us. As Yves Saint Laurent would say "Fashion fades, style is eternal". That's why nss G-Club decided to tell you about 5 timeless and unforgettable princesses/royals who marked the evolution of style and chic; the most beloved fashion (almost) queens of all time, whose charm is destined to live forever.



Raven-colored cin bob, straight bangs, silky skin, feline eyes and graphic eyeliner. For better or worse, this is how we all imagine Cleopatra, queen of ancient Egypt and woman of legendary charm, one of the most famous female figures of all time, made immortal by both history and the silver screen. But above all, a true guru of beauty routines, which still today continue to inspire thanks to her natural remedies and beauty secrets. Probably if the Empress of North Africa had been born in the 21st century, she would have been a hit with YouTube tutorials, millions of views and just as many IG followers. From the bath in donkey's milk to soften the skin, to the ancestral technique of sugar for epilation, today better known as sugaring, to cupping for facial treatment, of which our Cleopatra was a real addict. Even the most modern skincare techniques find their origins in the Egyptian culture in BC renowned for its avant-garde. The iconic sovereign delighted in testing the most diverse treatments, such as purifying masks based on clay and chalk, or grape and honey to darken the skin, but also sesame seed oil, linseed oil, castor oil, olive oil and almond oil to soften and perfume the epidermis.

But the real revolution was the invention of kohl, a black compound in cream with which to make up the eyes. Who does not know the long line that was created along the edges of the eyelids, starting from the inner corner of the eye up to almost the earlobes? Not only a clever technique to lengthen the look but a real medicine able to protect the eyes from infections and mycosis and external agents. Today, kohl is used in thousands of different make-up tools, but few people know that it was Cleopatra who transformed it into a super trendy make-up. A true pioneer of natural beauty whose legacy is destined to remain for centuries.


Sissi / Elisabeth of Bavaria

Perhaps better known as Princess Sissi, Elisabeth of Bavaria is one of the most fascinating royals of all time. Muse of style, chic, great decor lover and innovative beauty rituals. A woman with a rebellious and libertine soul, ignited even more by her great love for Franz Joseph I of Austria and the difficulties of life at court, too rigid for her and her passionate heart. Sissi lived an existence made up of light and shadow, hidden behind the golden patina of the days at court. Her most famous biographer, Brigitte Hamann, described her as "an extraordinary phenomenon", compared to the women and customs of her time, although her life had very little fairy tale. A lover of the world, an explorer of new lands, an all too faithful follower of beauty - she herself once declared "life without beauty would be useless to me". A mantra, which then became an obsession, translated into a compulsive attachment to fitness, but also into a very strong passion for fashion and style. For her coronation as Queen of Hungary in 1867 Sissi wore an extraordinary dress in gold and silver brocade fabric, with clusters of lilacs and stones and a black velvet bodice. She loved local fabrics, traditional costumes, but also more exotic garments. Most of all she worshipped jewelry, ready to wear on every important occasion as the last accessory of a look.

She had super long hair, almost down to the ground, which she cared for daily through meticulous treatments, such as washing through a mixture of cognac and eggs that required an entire day to apply. But Sissi also took great care of her skin through moisturizing strawberry masks and creams made from earth snails. One of her extraordinary ointments was the blue cream, a mixture of wax, sweet almond oil and glycerin, but also the lotion of beeswax, rose water and cocoa butter, appreciated even by the ladies of the court. The seduction of Princess Sissi continues to reign almost without equal, coming again to capture the small screen, after the 1955 movie starring Romy Schneider. For 2022, Netflix is planning a new six-episode TV series, The Empress, dedicated to the life and background of the princess. And yes, because Elizabeth of Bavaria still remains an icon of elegance, style, absolute refinement, one of the most intriguing and complex characters in modern history, but also and above all one of the greatest royals ever.


Grace Kelly

Hermés has dedicated its most emblematic bag to her. The designers of the world have paid homage to her with the most amazing creations. Grace Kelly, born an actress who became princess consort alongside her husband Rainier III of Monaco, is an unforgettable style icon from the 1950s to the present day. Accomplice to her timeless beauty and unparalleled charm that made every dress worn magically extraordinary. An example is the striped dress with wide skirt featured in Hitchcock's 1954 film Rear Window, or the strapless long dress by Oleg Cassini chosen for the New York premiere of The Last Time I Saw Paris. But it was off the set that Princess Grace was able to give the best of herself in terms of taste, with simpler looks of which she was the undisputed master, such as outfits composed of shirt and high-waisted pants. To complete her look, she always wore some very appropriate accessory, a silk scarf on her head, for example, or oversized sunglasses.

Queen of the silver screen, even before earning her tiara, Grace began her brief Hollywood career at a very young age, but she shone from the very first moment. Her first big performance was in the film High Noon, alongside Gary Cooper, following with Mogambo alongside Ava Garner and Clark Gable. She then arrived on the sets of the great Hitchcock with a series of iconic films starting in the early 50's. It was during the filming of Thief Hunting in 1955, that Grace's destiny changed course towards more regal paths. However, she barely made it in time to win the Academy Award for Best Actress for the film The Country Girl in 1955 before giving up her artistic career forever and marrying the Prince. Since her untimely death in a car accident in 1982, at only 52 years of age, Princess Kelly is remembered for her ethereal and passionate essence at the same time, inspiring, seductive, fascinating, elegant. The picture of timeless beauty.


Lady D

If one were to try to imagine an icon of the twentieth century, it would be difficult not to think of Diana Frances Spencer, better known as Lady D. And if you're talking about royalty, then the association becomes obvious, if not necessary. Diana was in many ways a controversial woman, subject to a great deal of criticism and constant media assault.

But when it comes to style... well, I defy anyone to say anything to her. Feminine, elegant, gritty and sometimes bold and perfectly worldly, the Princess of England, wife of Charles Prince of Wales, has been and still remains the emblem of an elegant and sophisticated being to which every woman has tried to aspire. Fashion conqueror, more than fashion victim, Lady D has been supported in her style choices by a few selected couturiers who have had the privilege of dressing her, one of them being Gianni Versace, as well as having inspired the great maisons such as Dior, which has dedicated its most iconic bag to her. Oh yes, because Lady D has always managed to surprise, playing with the rules of class, but in her own way. She alternated classic dresses and big hats with 90s looks like that iconic oversized blazer over a loose-fit sweatshirt, high-waisted jeans and boots, all complemented by a baseball cap. In short, the rest is fashion history. Diana's style appeals to the public not only thanks to her versatility. To bewitch is in the forefront the glamor of his character, a star in the Royal Family, whose glow has been tried to hide, until the day when it is extinguished forever. But like any self-respecting fashion, her clothes are still the banner of a unique and exciting story: that of a modern princess who behind the glitter of the crown hides the soul of a free woman.


Charlotte Casiraghi

We close the circle once again with our gaze on Monaco. This time it's straight on Charlotte Casiraghi. Granddaughter of Grace Kelly, daughter of Princess Caroline, the young royal is now a fashion icon and a reference point for the coolest French style. Her debut in the fashion industry can be traced back to the Rose Ball in 2006, an event that also marks her debut in society, where the young princess decides to wear a Chanel haute couture dress from the s-s 2006 collection, completing the outfit with a bolero jacket in black sequins. Since then, Charlotte has appeared in the front rows of the most coveted Paris fashion shows, loved by the world's designers and now an ambassador for maison Chanel. She continues to seduce the fashion and non-fashion public thanks to a wardrobe full of classic elements mixed with the most refined and coolest trends of recent times.

Among her most iconic looks we remember the multicolor flounced dress worn at the 2016 Met Gala, designed by Gucci, but also the boho-chic style dress by Giambattista Valli shown for her wedding to Dimitri Rassam in 2019. For Charlotte, as well as for her extraordinary grandmother, fashion is a game and experimentation through which to grapple with vintage references and archival masterpieces (like the Yves Saint Laurent mini jumpsuit shown at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival). Charlotte is undoubtedly a model of coolness in full French allure, great at mixing couture, unisex, denim, 80s references and minimalist punk, without ever missing a beat. Contributor for major international magazines, philanthropist, philosophy enthusiast and occasional model, Charlotte is undoubtedly on the list of the most beloved royals of all time, thanks to her timeless appeal and her soul of a true it-royal-girl.