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5 ways Britney Spears influenced our style

A special tribute to Britney, and to these 5 trends that are still a thing (and will always be)

5 ways Britney Spears influenced our style A special tribute to Britney, and to these 5 trends that are still a thing (and will always be)

Britney Spears - and the #FreeBritney movement - is making a comeback. In fact, it's all in "Framing Britney Spears", the touching documentary made by the New York Times and available on the FX and Hulu streaming channels. Yes, because this time it is not just about her father's control over her life and her finances, but also about all the treatments that Britney has undergone since the beginning of her career, from the press and public opinion to the people who they were part of her life. Justin Timberlake included, who also blamed her for treason in the songs Cry me a river and What goes around… comes around.

But one thing must be said: criticism or not, no one has ever ousted Spears from her pop queen throne. Because everyone loves Britney, as her colleagues have also demonstrated, siding with her on her social networks, from Miley Cyrus to Courtney Love. Her impact has been remarkable, in musical culture as well as in style that characterized all the looks of teenagers in the 2000s. The list would be quite endless, considering her hot moments, like the red latex onesie from the video Ops, I did it again and the thong worn over the pants in I'm a slave 4 you. So we have collected, in 5 top of the pops, everything that Britney has taught us on fashion and beauty. And that, those who belong to the generation of Millennials, often still dust off the wardrobe. Without forgetting her greatest lesson, which is to always find the strength to get up, despite everything.

The pigtails

We have never forgotten those pigtails, closed by fluffy pink pompoms, that Britney wore in her debut video Hit me baby one more time. Then it was the turn of Crazy's cottoned styling, of the braids hidden between the hair in Sometimes, up to the frisé between one curl and the other that he reserved for red carpet situations. For this reason, collecting hair in double buns is the winning trick of all the forever girls in the 2000s, especially during their #badhairdays.

Smudged eyes as a statement

Eyes literally smeared with make-up, day after effect, as soon as she wakes up after a night of crazy dancing. The black pencil, expertly poured into the area under the lashes, is the trademark of Britney's make-up, completed with abundant curling and volumizing mascara. Add a touch of gloss to the lips at best but avoid blushes or other trinkets. The beauty of this make-up is that everything is focused on the look.

 Bling bling choker

When we talk about cascades of sequins we are referring to the pop star's iconic outfits. But if it is not feasible to go out all sparkling from head to toe, then the tight collier around the neck, only if hyper sparkling, will be the key to your success. It will embellish anything you wear - even jeans and t-shirt - and will give an immediate glow effect to the face.

Tattoo stickers

Britney loved to put some fake - but glittery - tattoos on her face, hands or body. Or have your arms and décolleté literally drawn. So, for the post-pandemic evenings, here's an idea to brush up on, or the chic evolution of transfers.

Low waist always

Or very low, as in the case of Britney! Then add a crop top and crazy abs, which in the case of Spears are still perfect and marble today.