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The best "panettone" in Milan

The typical Milanese cake can't be missing on the Christmas table

The best panettone in Milan The typical Milanese cake can't be missing on the Christmas table

Christmas is just around the corner, and between last-minute presents and Christmas decorations, it's time to think about panettone. What would Christmas be without panettone? Or pandoro, so as not to offend anyone. Once your preference for the two eternal Christmas food rivals has been established, it's time to decide where to buy your Christmas dessert. Between local and artisan bakeries, star chefs and pastry chefs, traditional panettoni or with special and original additions, the choice in Milan is truly endless. Every year, all the producers of the typical Milanese cake want to win the title of "best panettone", but it's really difficult to award this title.

nss G-Club has decided to help you make your choice, with a selection of the 10 panettoni in Milan that you should try now.



At Pasticceria Cova panettone is available all year round, but during the holidays it becomes even more special and enriched with decorations that combine the craftsmanship and creativity of master pastry chefs. Each panettone is unique and decorated entirely by hand!



Panettone cakes from the historic pasticceria Cucchi combine high-quality ingredients: sourdough, sultanas and traditional candied fruit as well as the perseverance, care and wisdom of the pastry chef. You can order the Milanese dessert in the bakery or online!



"Every panettone is something special in the Marchesi 1824 laboratories." With this slogan and a video showing the art of the master confectioners who go to work every night to bring the magic of Christmas into our homes, Marchesi 1824 presents its majestic panettone. Marchesi is also famous for extravagant panettone (and pandoro), but no one beats it when it comes to traditional panettone. This year, Diego Crosara, the master pastry chef, won the Artisti del Panettone 2023 competition, which recognises the best traditional panettone.



At Martesana Martesana you'll find a wide selection of Christmas sweets: from the chocolate Christmas tree to the plum cake with sultanas and almonds; but above all you'll find an irresistible classic Milanese panettone, with large sultanas and fragrant orange candied fruit. Pasticceria Martesana also collaborates with the @panettonesospeso association, which allows you to buy a panettone to give as a gift to those who can't buy it.



The historic Sant'Ambroeus Milano pastry shop has evolved over the years into a café and ristirante, but its desserts are always delicious, including panettone, from the traditional to those enriched with marron glacé, with dark or milk chocolate and with apricot and pistachio. You can book panettoni and other Christmas desserts online or in-store!



Peck is preparing to make this Christmas an unforgettable one too, thanks to the wisdom of its pastry chefs and chocolatiers. In addition to panettone and pastries, there are also food and wine compositions with which you can give a very special gift.



Classic panettone cakes, special panettone cakes (from 1 kg!) and even the "for two" version - at Pavé you're sure to find the panettone cake you're looking for. Special panettone cakes are available with very special and irresistible ingredients, e.g. such as dark chocolate, tonka cake, four-chocolate, coffee and blond chocolate. Which one will you try?




At Gattullo Pasticceria you'll find special gift packages for a cosy aperitif during the holidays, gingerbread, pralines and of course the traditional Milanese panettone! You can order all this and much more from the comfort of your own home with just one click.



How could we not mention the famous maître chocolatier and chef Ernst Knam and his Milanese patisserie? Artistic sweets in the shape of colourful and glittering Christmas trees, reindeer, Santas and snowmen... but above all the Knamettone! The 2023 version is made with dark chocolate and Amalfi lemon I.G.P., with a dark chocolate crust and cocoa icing.




The haute patisserie of Iginio Massari, a master of tradition, still offers the possibility of pre-ordering the traditional Milanese dessert, which can also be delivered to your home in Milan. Our favourite? The chocolate panettone!



Marlà brings a world of flavours and sweetness to the table. These include the classic panettone with eggs and a little butter, the sweetness of sultanas, the citrus notes of candied fruit and the chocolate panettone for those with a sweet tooth. For those who want to celebrate big, there are different sizes: 500g, 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg, 3kg or even 5kg!