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5 tea rooms in Milan

To discover exclusive tea selections from all over the world in a cozy environment

5 tea rooms in Milan To discover exclusive tea selections from all over the world in a cozy environment

Welcoming, cozy, with a relaxing and easy atmosphere, the tea rooms are the places to spend a cold and rainy autumn day, among the aromas of special teas from different countries of the world.

These places will allow you to discover the tea culture and the tea ceremony, and the whole world that surrounds this drink, popular and loved all over the world, with very ancient origins.

Few of these places, in addition to the opportunity to try and taste a huge variety of teas, also offer workshops, events and courses dedicated to the ancient and precious art of tea.



A welcoming space, dedicated to authentic tea from Asia, but also to art and culture at 360 degrees, XingCha enhances the simplicity and refinement of this special drink. "There is a tea for each of us, we will accompany you on this journey helping you choose the tea that best suits you and your mood." says the website. Very curious!

Via San Marco 14, Milan



La Teiera Eclettica is the right place to search, explore and taste the best teas from all over the world. With a selection of over 300 types of teas and infusions and a tea room with a relaxing and familiar atmosphere, it will allow you to dedicate time to yourself and to find your favorite tea. Check out the webstore too.
A curiosity? The passion for tea (and thus the arrival of the shop) was born thanks to the owner's grandmother, a great lover of the traditional oriental drink.

La Teiera Eclettica
Via Melzo 30, Milan



Eastern Leaves goes beyond the simple passion for tea: it produces an organic wild tea, which grows spontaneously in the forests of Nannuo and Pasha Mountains (China). The company was born with the idea (or initially, the dream) of preserving the ancient tea trees of this forest. Their tea room in Milan is "the place we were dreaming of, made of wood, which contains everything we are: our plantations, then the teas of other Chinese producers, the handcrafted ceramics of Yixing and Jingdezhen and the furniture of Suyuan, all coming directly from China." A magical place, ideal for a sweet escape from Milan, at least with our mind.

Eastern Leaves
Via Macedonio Melloni 32, Milan



A very wide selection of teas (just take a look at the section I Nostri Tè of the website) is offered by Chà Tea Atelier, tea shop and first tea room in Milan, which offers careful and accurate assistance to accompany customers to discover tea culture and tradition. An oasis of relaxation where you can learn the preparation techniques of this ancient drink, according to Western and Eastern traditions.

Chà Tea Atelier
Via Marco d'Oggiono 7, Milan



Tea&Tao is the place to learn and appreciate the culture of tea, and everything that revolves around the ancient and precious drink: the ritual of the tea ceremony, oriental philosophy, yoga and meditation lessons... are just some of the things that you will find in the Milanese store Tea & Tao. Enjoy!

Via Guerrazzi 2, Milan