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Maya Golyshkina turns objects and materials into wearable art

The young Russian sculptor and photographer recently collaborated with Marc Jacobs

Maya Golyshkina turns objects and materials into wearable art The young Russian sculptor and photographer recently collaborated with Marc Jacobs

Who said that art can't be created with the objects and raw materials that we use daily, and we can easily find at home? If you believe so, you should take a look at Maya Golyshkina's Instagram profile: she is a very young artist who transformed simple everyday objects and accessories into fun and extravagant creations like mini dresses, tank tops, hats, and more.

Maya and her eccentric creativity, with a dreamlike and pop aesthetic, got the attention of the audience of the most popular social network, but above all, Marc Jacobs. Marc and his team contacted the young photographer and sculptor to collaborate on some shots that portray the brand's it bags interpreted according to Maya's aesthetic canons and ideas.

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Golyshkina creates real "wearable sculptures" using objects like CDs, toys, toothbrushes and pencils, decks of cards, food, forks and spoons, and anything you can observe by taking a tour in the kitchen or opening a bathroom drawer. 

nss G-Club talked with Maya, who told us in a mini interview where her creative flair comes from, which artists she is inspired by and the experience of collaborating with an icon of the fashion world like Marc Jacobs.


Can you tell us something about you? When did you start your creative work?

I was born in Moscow, Russia. I recently turned 19 years old. Since the age of 4 I have been drawing, knitting, sewing, drawing on fabric. Then I entered the art school and when I was 16 I started taking photographs: I started because I didn’t like how other people used to take pictures and then I decided to show my point of view. I wanted to create something new, that wasn't created before, as I like to surprise myself. 
I started shooting for small magazines and emerging brands. But I didn't want to work only in Russia, so I invested all the money I earned in trips to Europe. 

When the quarantine began, everyone started to loose hope, but I didn't. When I realized I could no longer take pictures and create ideas on others, I decided to do it on myself. All this helped me boost my creativity, because the more restrictions you have, the more you need to use your creativity. 

Where does inspiration come from for you? Is there any contemporary artists or photographers you really like?

Well, I can be inspired by everything: the people around me, my country, my ups and downs, books, movies, or even something I notice walking around. I'm constantly searching for something new, something to learn, and I have a strong imaginative thinking, apparently because I've been reading a lot since childhood and I used to imagine different worlds and scenarios, all the time. Basically, my brain assimilates things and then processes them into crazy images.

As for contemporary artists, there are so many people who inspire me everyday. I hardly remember all the names, because I often bump into an account on Instagram and think "Wow, this is so cool!". The main ones are Lars Von Trier, Jurgen Teller, Oleg Tselkov, Ulrich Seidl, Sarah Lucas, Tristan Piggot, Emil Nodle, Lucian Freud, Marina Abramovich, Joanna Piotrowska, Francesca Woodwan.

What is creativity for you? What do you use for your artworks?

Creativity for me is, first of all, freedom: there are no frames, it does not depend on anyone and belongs only to the artist. With creativity you can express yourself, or something that you can't explain with words. Since childhood and then during all my adult life I have been doing creative work: this is what makes me feel live.
Well, I think I could list a lot of tools and materials I use to create my work, but the key one is sincerity.

How was working with one of the greatest icons of fashion, Marc Jacobs? Is there any other personality you would like to work with?

Marс Jacobs has always been for me one of the most interesting names in the fashion world. I was so happy I had the chance to work not just with a famous designer, but more than that, with the person who created a brand I love and appreciate a lot.
I think it would be great to work with many different brands, many of them definitely need my creativity. I have so many ideas, I really look forward to new collaborations