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Are men's sandals socially acceptable for a first date?

Looking at you, Birkenstocks

Are men's sandals socially acceptable for a first date? Looking at you, Birkenstocks

The arrival of summer and its trampling over an objectively troubled dating life, that is patiently waiting to come back to life after the rough lockdown months, has risen an important question, halfway between the sociological investigation and a style issue. So are sandals, and in particular Birkenstocks, acceptable footwear for men? Especially on a first date? 

At first glance, it might seem not a big deal, even a kind of shallow matter, but in reality, we're dealing with an issue that divides audiences as much as the correct denomination between arancina and arancino, as much as the opportunity of putting parmesan cheese on pasta with tuna, and so on with all the culinary analogies of the case. During the summer months more than in winter, then, you have to be very careful not to come up with Georgie Shore-worth outfits, ready to take a bit of those Gallipoli's Praja to the city (further enhanced by Sundek bathing suit with the rainbow to decorate the ass). 

While we shy away from cargo shorts that show off the tattoo of the Milan Scudetto on the calf and white shirts far too tight, the real problem is another, the knot to be solved concerns our predisposition, I dare, our desire to look, immediately at the first date, at a part of the body subject to infinite attention but also cause of decisive discussions: feet. With all due respect to fetish, being aware of the presence of a pair of male bare feet under the table where we're drinking your aperitif creates an intimacy - not required - usually reachable at least on the third date. 

After decades marked by espadrilles, leather sandals and especially by that abomination that was the Minorchine, for women as well as for men, it is to be noted that in recent years sandals by TevaSuicoke, the same Birkenstock, have become the summer alternative for sneakerheads, or at least for those really willing to give up their sneakers when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees. The Teva, then, is only the streetwear version of those Decathlon sporty sandals that all men once children have sported at least once in the summer centre. The real heroes, however, are those who bring out pieces by Nike ACG also for a beer at Elita, as if they had arrived on a canoe on the Naviglio after a climb on the Duomo. 

Besides more or less acceptable alternatives, the crux of the question remains, namely the Birkenstocks. Yes? No? It depends on the styling, you say. And also where you go and what you do on a first date, others might say. In any case, let's try to avoid too nautical looks, especially if we're still in the city, while linen shirts and impalpable trousers are welcome, as well as Levi's washed-out denim and relaxed T-shirts, nothing too formal in short. It must also be said that in recent years the Birkenstocks have lost their original identity, hard and pure, often politically characterized and equally often associated with men who sported dreadlocks in high school, who did not miss a demonstration or a strike, who spent their holiday camping, possibly in Salento. After ten years of weed, the same ones are now dreaming of the social garden in North Milan, while living in a 35sqm apartment in Nolo, where at least Peroni will still cost you € 1.50. In short, it also depends on your (unfulfilled) dreams of youth and how much you dream of a new tent holiday for this summer. 

It will be almost impossible to find an agreement on the issue, especially given the arbitrariness of tastes and preferences, both in terms of aesthetics and men. It is also a universally known truth that after these difficult months we have all lowered our standards, and as a result, we will be less categorical in our once merciless judgments. With utmost regret, we must admit that there's the slight possibility that this nefarious year will mark the definitive green light to men's sandal, also in the romantic sphere. We'll get through this, power up.