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8 Ways To Have Fun Alone or with Your Partner

Shopping ideas from WOVO Store

8 Ways To Have Fun Alone or with Your Partner Shopping ideas from WOVO Store

After these difficult months, summer is finally upon us. From now on, the sun is back and ready to shine on your love life. And on your sexual life, too. It doesn't matter if you are craving to run barefoot on the green grass, or if you actually appreciated the solitude between your four walls. One thing is for sure: there is nothing better than a sex toy to cheer the return of freedom. Of course, you can use it on your own, but it also could be a great idea to spice up your partners after all these months of social distance. 

nss G-Club has selected for you the best sex toys to play with your libido and, why not? to try for new experiences in the boring lives of a couple. And they are all available at WOVO Store
If you're looking for even more ideas, WOVO YouTube Channel has all the inspirations you need. 


Hand Blown Glass Vibrating Massager

45 €

There are no doubts about its utility, but let's take a look at its design: it's something spectacular, it deserves a place on your collection just for how beautiful it is. If you still have doubts, it is very discreet: you can carry it in your bag and nobody will think that it is actually a sex toy. 


Bamboo Paddle Heart Caramel
35 €

Finally, the time has come to use it on your partner. If you're still looking for your soul mate, though, it is a perfect alternative surface to cut vegetables in the kitchen. 


Bathbomb Vibrating Surprise Lavender
15 €

The perfect solution to be alone with your thoughts, and also to get ready for a special encounter. You're definitely going to feel... relaxed. 


Dotted Finger Dildo Ceramics
40 €

Art or sex toy? It's even made of ceramic.


Unicorn Tail Plug
35 €

Your best chance so far to become a real unicorn.


Bodylicious Body Pens Edible
15 €

Did you spend the entire lockdown painting your body? After all, who does not like to paint their body? Well, now it is time that someone else paints you. This is your best chance to feel like one of Leo DiCaprio's "French girls" in Titanic.


Furry Nipple Covers
7 €

Simply stunning to take some nudes before the actual encounter. Don't pretend that you don't do it, nobody cares.


Vibrating Bath Sponge
15 €

Going back to the bathtub, if lavender's perfume is not what you were looking for there is this vibrating sponge. A good bath is, indeed, a ritual, and as every ritual, you need the proper liturgical tools. Don't run away from your fantasy!