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How does Gen Z dress at concerts?

Comfort is no longer a priority, here are the trends for 2024

How does Gen Z dress at concerts? Comfort is no longer a priority, here are the trends for 2024
The concert and music festival season is just around the corner. We've tried to understand how young people behave at concerts and what it means to be a rave mom. Some people hate the use of phones, some can't help but document everything, some want absolute silence, and others can't stop screaming, singing at the top of their lungs, and jumping up and down. We've tried to give some common-sense advice on what to bring and how to dress to ensure a comfortable and free experience. Despite this, it's impossible not to notice how concert outfits are becoming increasingly important. Something to think about, design, create, and show off. Preferably themed with the artist, like a badge of honor and loyalty, an immediate way to say we are true fans, and stylish ones at that.

How to Dress for a Concert? 2024 Trends According to Stileo

Stileo, Italy's leading fashion search engine with over 7 million visits per month, has recorded a 31% growth in sequin accessories, a 33% increase in accessories and clothing with fringes (thanks to Cowboy Carter, the latest album by Beyoncé), and a surge in searches for coordinated sets, especially those consisting of crop tops (44%) and skirts (73%). In Italy, the most anticipated concerts of summer 2024 are definitely Mahmood, Coldplay, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift, and surely at these events we will see these trends come to life.

From Numbers to Events: How to Apply These Trends

The trends are clear. Perhaps less clear is how to implement them. Regarding sequins, a slightly different idea could be to flaunt them on your shoes, especially if they are golden or silver boots, dazzling under the lights. Glitter accessories are also a great idea, as they help to make any look more unique and fun. For the big return of country and cowboycore, mini-dresses covered in fringes, cowboy boots, and hats are particularly popular. Miniskirts are perfect, but comfort is key: they must make it possible to dance and also sit comfortably. Pair them with corsets, according to current trends, or a crop top, both on the rise.

The Importance of Accessories

Concerts, especially summer festivals or stadium events, can be exhausting. They are always worth it, but waiting in the sun for hours is not pleasant. To avoid sacrificing comfort, we can introduce some unique accessories. Floral ones are the most sought-after, with a 36% increase. The best ones for concert season are hair accessories, flower crowns, and similar items. Other popular accessories include glasses, bows, and chokers with heart-shaped pendants.