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The Garden Girl's Identikit

When fashion meets nature on TikTok

The Garden Girl's Identikit When fashion meets nature on TikTok

Miranda Priestley may not call it "pure avant-garde," but she'll have to accept it. Gardening seems to be the most beloved hobby of the moment, with flowers and plants blooming on clothes and accessories as well. Maybe it's the influence of the 2024 Met Gala themed Garden of Time, or perhaps the Gucci Resort collection. Whatever the reason, with the first rays of sunshine, the desire for nature and being outdoors increases, along with the interest in bucolic fashion. On Pinterest, searches for "garden aesthetic" have increased by 34% monthly, while "farm life" has risen by 27%. Meanwhile, on TikTok, "garden tok" has grown by 30% and Instagram posts with #gardengirl exceed 180,000.

What is Gardencore

Gardencore was born from a pandemic-inspired desire for a "slow life" and a deeper connection with nature. An evolution of Bloomcore and a hybrid between Cottagecore and Coastal Grandmother, this aesthetic also draws from Fairycore and Coquette, balancing between an ethereal mood and one rooted in the earth. Think of vast grassy lawns, fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Imagine sheets drying in the sun, tables set in rustic courtyards, roses, lilacs, and daisies to pick, homemade sweets, dogs and goats running free, airy dresses with a retro echo, bare feet, and ribbons in hair blowing in the wind. It's not just an aesthetic of floral patterns, but embracing a lifestyle where you don't just admire beauty. You create it.

Identikit of Garden Girls, Passions and Beauty Routine

Garden Girls love flowers, picnics on the grass, natural foods, vintage clothes and animals. They smell of floral perfumes like L’Iris by Officina Santa Maria Novella or those from Gucci's Alchemist Garden line, prefer bio skincare and cosmetic products with natural formulations based on honey, almond or argan oil, and aloe vera. Their beauty essentials always include sunscreen for long gardening sessions, Biofficina Toscana's tomato and carrot shampoo, an Aesop hand cream, Caudalie Vinosource moisturizing sorbet, a blush to enhance the sun-kissed effect, and Gisou honey lip oil.

@gwenthemilkmaid watching my lil plants grow cures everything #gardengirl #urbanhomestead #homesteading original sound - EX7STENCE

Gardencore Style for Spring/Summer 2024

How do Garden Girls dress? Their fashion choices reflect their connection to nature and some practical gardening needs, but without sacrificing femininity and cuteness. Looking at the SS24 runways, they fell in love with Max Mara's utility glamour inspired by the British Women's Land Army of the 1940s; the prairie dresses by Stella McCartney; the ethereal creations covered in flowers by LoveShackFancy, Vivetta, Kim Shui, Anna Sui, and Susan Fang. Their favorite collection? Probably Yuhan Wang's, which seems to come from a more sensual and modern version of the film Picnic at Hanging Rock.

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How to Dress

There are essentially two types of garden girls: those who dress practically, as if they fear getting dirty while uprooting stubborn weeds or harvesting vegetables, and those who enjoy being photographed, strolling or reading a book in country gardens. Both opt for lightweight and natural fabrics like cotton and linen, pastel shades, or colors borrowed from the surrounding landscape. They never give up patterns or details with roses, camellias, peonies, and anthuriums, replacing classic gardening gloves with more whimsical or funny models. They love hats and straw or raffia bags and know all the best local antique shops and flea markets for vintage shopping. The first group is distinguished by jeans, overalls, loose shirts, granny cardigans, and Birkenstock Boston clogs, a scarf knotted under the chin or at the nape, or a bucket hat on the head, and all the necessary items to take care of plants and vegetables.

The other group, on the other hand, seems almost out of a book by Jane Austen and Emily Brontë. They use silk ribbons and scarves to tie their hair, perfect baskets for a harvest of fresh vegetables or a picnic on the lawn, alternating floral prints with Madras and Vichy. They have a collection of gigantic vintage straw hats, buy aprons and romantic dresses characterized by airy volumes, balloon sleeves, ruffles, frills, delicate lace details. The most beautiful gift they can receive? An antique jewel, shaped like a leaf, camellia, or rosebud.