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The crochet brands you (may) not know about

Colorful hats, whimsical bikinis and cute little purses to liven up our summer looks

The crochet brands you (may) not know about Colorful hats, whimsical bikinis and cute little purses to liven up our summer looks

As we eagerly await the sun to shine and the temperature to rise to spend days outdoors, to tuck away jackets and boots in a corner of the closet and to swap them with crop tops and shorts, we find ourselves resonating with nature's awakening desire for lightness, color, and novelty in every aspect of our lives, starting from clothing. Our looks loudly call for fun and cool accessories and garments, hats, bikinis, and small bags to hold lip gloss, cell phones, and sunscreen. But where can we find something original, perhaps sustainable, and made with love and attention to detail? Easy, just step into the wonderful world of crochet and support the many small brands that have turned their passion for this technique into a rainbow of creativity. Here are the crochet and handmade brands you may not know.


Elena Aste has talent to spare. Just take a look at the creations of Asteland, her brand and shop located in Genoa (Stradone St. Agostino 26R). Here unique, original, and meticulously crafted garments are born, the offspring of creativity and the artistic vision of its founder. 100% Made in Italy, or rather, made in Genoa, Asteland's creations are cool and cute, perfect for adding some style to our summer months. A purse, a scarf, or the Teddy Sleeves, a must-have from the brand's offerings, are all it takes to give our looks an energetic boost.

Memorial Day

Delsy Gouw learned the art of crochet from her mother when she was just nine years old. Soon, what was a simple hobby for the Fashion Institute of Technology student turned into a brand, Memorial Day, where she could express her creativity. Born during the lockdown, the project - with its bikinis, hats, and bags - has won the favor of many, including some celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber. Among Memorial Day's fans is also Ella Emhoff, a model and stepdaughter of the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris.

Niamh Hemily Foster

Niamh Hemily Foster hails from London, she's in her early twenties with a degree from the London College of Fashion and has won the prestigious Christopherson Award for fashion illustrations. She quickly captured the hearts of the cool kids in England - including Mia Regan, who has flaunted her pieces on various occasions. Her latest collection for SS24 is called SAY YES CHUNKS and features an enticing palette of colors, embodying the Subversive basics aesthetic, while nodding to the trends most loved by Gen Z. Recently, Niamh Hemily Foster has collaborated with the Swiss brand INUIKII.

Katie Jones

Londoner Katie Jones' fashion is an explosion of texture and color. It's a declaration of love for crochet. Jones grew up knitting and crocheting at home with her mother and grandmothers, and her passion for these techniques led her to study Fashion Knitwear for 6 years at Central Saint Martins with Louise Wilson. After gaining experience working for John Galliano, Diane Von Furstenberg, Mark Fast and Romance was Born, Katie presented her first collection in 2013. Since then, she hasn't stopped offering her eccentric and colorful pieces, perfect for a contemporary hippie, but also for anyone who wants a bit of positive vibes in their life.

Sulk Knitwear

The inspiration behind Sulk Knitwear? The mother of Sarah Beasley, the brand's founder, who in 2020 taught the designer how to knit. A small gesture passed down from mother to daughter gave birth to a passion and many cool pieces, often worn by celebrities like Bella Hadid, Rita Ora and Dua Lipa. The secret of success lies in the customized creations, each unique, handmade in London with love in 10-40 hours, using vintage and scrap yarns. The common feature among balaclavas, hats, dresses, sweaters, leg warmers, and bags is the choice of colors and the addition of rings to the knitwork.


Looking at and wearing pieces from Akoïa feels like feeling the ocean breeze, seeing palm trees swaying in the wind, and the sun warming your skin. The Bali-based swimwear brand was founded in 2014 by three fourteen-year-old friends who wanted to give a twist to beachwear. To this day, two of the founders, Inka Williams and Reo Palmer, still design, while all creations, from bikinis to cover-ups, are handmade by a team of Balinese women using traditional crochet techniques passed down from generation to generation. The result is a series of sustainable swimwear and clothing, made from locally sourced organic cotton and dyed naturally, combining tradition, passion, and a rainbow of colors that make every collection as desirable as a slow, sunny day at the beach.


Crochèlen is a love story for fashion and crochet passed down from aunt to niece. A passion reignited during the pandemic when Elena, the brand's founder, picked up the tools of the trade again to unleash her creativity. The first piece she made? Clouds, a square-shaped top in blue cotton with white clouds, followed by many other creations: from the daisy top to the cherry vest, from the colorful bucket hats to the nipple crop top. The yarn is thick and soft to the touch, alternating cotton in warm months and wool in cold ones. The crafting techniques adapt to the model, including the elegant shrimp stitch and the famous granny squares.


Mewcolors is synonymous with slow fashion designed and homemade in Naples. It stems from the love for handmade and sustainability of a young and passionate team. That's why every product, whether crochet, knitting, tie-dye, wire jewelry, a tailored product, or vintage garment renewal, is the result of hours of artisanal work and materials mostly found in small haberdasheries and Neapolitan markets. The result is unique pieces, designed and made with quality and attention so that whoever wears them feels special and never mundane. It's hard to choose between the tops, bucket hats, bags, vests, bikinis, and other original and vitamin-rich proposals of Mewcolors.


Matimì, an Italian all-female and 100% artisanal brand, was born in 2018 with the belief that, as stated on its Instagram profile, handmade works have a soul because they retain the heart of those who make them. And in the colorful pieces, produced between the Roman territory and the Tuscan hills, there are the heart, the creativity, and the know-how of three generations of women: a daughter, Vittoria Alicicco, a globe-trotter with a career in fashion and event organization; a mother with a passion for crochet and a past as a trader; and a grandmother who has always been involved in a tailoring workshop. The collections give a glam and contemporary twist to the seventies mood generally associated with crochet, including top and miniskirt sets, perfect summer dresses, maxi cardigans, bikinis, pants, and shorts. Every detail is carefully crafted and reveals the passion behind the brand, like the labels applied to the garments that are handmade and painted with watercolors. It's no wonder it has many fans, including Chiara Ferragni and Belen Rodriguez.