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The most unusual fashion accessories you wouldn't expect

5 items every fashionista would want to have

The most unusual fashion accessories you wouldn't expect 5 items every fashionista would want to have

Just like the final stroke on a painter's canvas, accessories and jewelry can be the finishing touch to complete our look, giving it that "je ne sais quoi" that makes it special.

Quirky yet Useful Accessories

In recent years, fashion has increasingly embraced unusual and extravagant items. In a world where mass production has made many options accessible, there is a growing desire to stand out. Designers respond to this need by creating pieces that defy conventions, capable of arousing curiosity and attention. The willingness to express oneself without fear of judgment has allowed artists to be bolder and more innovative. Environmental awareness has also pushed towards sustainable materials and creative solutions to reduce the impact on the industry.

Below, we present a list of the most unusual accessories that have captured media attention over the years.

Fendi x Chupa Chups Lollipop Holder

During the Fendi runway for the fall/winter 2024 collection at Milan Fashion Week, a unique accessory was presented: the Chupa Chups lollipop holder. A result of collaboration with the famous lollipop brand, this leather charm was worn stylishly, suspended on bags and around the necks of some models. The official release is expected in the second half of the year, accompanied by a limited edition Fendi x Chupa Chups lollipop.

"Lit Barret Teal" Hair Clip by Dua Lipa

@irlamust cosa pensate di questa spilla e del suo prezzo? #dualipa #greenscreen suono originale - irla

Among the most glamorous photos we've seen on Dua Lipa's feed is undoubtedly the one where she wears her animal-shaped hair tie. It's not just a simple clip for a "last-minute" hairstyle, but it features a truly unique design. The "Lit Barret Teal Hair Clip" created by designer Corrina Goutos, available at APOC for 179 euros, is a functional work of art that transforms recycled lighters into a glamorous accessory. Symbolizing Goutos' work, it demonstrates how art and design can turn common objects into functional works of art.

Prada Money Clip

@italianclobber Deze Prada Paperclip zaterdag op de webshop droppen? #pradapaperclip #weirdfashion #prada #fashiondesigner #designerfashion origineel geluid - Italianclobber

Even a simple paperclip can become a luxury accessory. Prada introduced the iconic office paperclip as a design element during the spring-summer 2019 collection. Made of polished metal with the engraved "Prada" logo, it has become a symbol of luxury beyond its traditional function. It was indeed offered for sale on the Barneys website for $185, transforming a common object and highlighting the maison's innovative approach and ability to redefine traditional concepts of design and style.

Balenciaga Scented Tag

The most unusual fashion accessories you wouldn't expect 5 items every fashionista would want to have | Image 489960

You may have purchased one of those car air fresheners with a specific fragrance, but we bet you never paid 195 euros for it! Balenciaga Objects, a division of the fashion house offering a variety of home items, accessories, and design objects, has indeed proposed scented tags. These products feature a minimalist and modern aesthetic, in line with the distinctive style of the Balenciaga brand. The product is very similar to a label, preserving the brand's iconic writing on a gray background, and is supported by a black thread for hanging in the preferred area.

"The Erin Taylor Necklace" by Medea: Tooth Necklace

@elena_armellini Io innamorata. Vi piace? #medea - SoBerBoi
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From Emily Ratajkowski to Rosalía, it seems like everyone is going crazy for a choker necklace. So far, so "normal," you might say, but what if we told you that this necklace is made of teeth? No, not real human teeth, but a faithful reproduction made of gold or silver. The "The Erin Taylor Necklace" by Medea is an accessory that challenges conventions, available for 490 euros. Distinguished by the use of precious stones and Y2k-style decorations, it aligns with the current trend of applying colored gems to our teeth.

In a world where fashion is constantly evolving, these accessories represent the boldness and innovation of designers ready to break the mold.