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The best Disney Channel looks

From Hannah Montana to Alex Russo, they are still our Roman Empire

The best Disney Channel looks From Hannah Montana to Alex Russo, they are still our Roman Empire

For anyone who was a teenager in the mid-2000s, Disney Channel was a must. Not just a television channel but a world of TV series to immerse yourself in, analyzing every aspect and empathizing with characters who felt so close at the time that you considered them friends. These programs served as a launching pad for many stars like Hilary Duff, Zendaya, and Selena Gomez, complete with merchandising and international tours. Transitioning from young emerging talents to global phenomena, these now big celebrities not only captivated us with their characters—who still shaped part of our character—but also left an indelible mark on our style. What made this magical world even more memorable was the unforgettable sparkling aesthetic of the protagonists, characterized by rhinestone-covered flip phones, decorated jeans, thin scarves, and thick belts. These looks have stayed in our hearts, to the point that on TikTok and other social platforms, many users have started recreating the Disney Channel aesthetic. What are the recurrent elements of these outfits? Colorful fabrics, short-sleeved shirts worn over long-sleeved ones, and dresses worn over wide blue jeans, embracing a messy-chic fit and silhouette.

Hannah Montana's Looks

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When it comes to Disney Channel looks, it's impossible not to think of Hannah Montana, who made us dream with her Y2K maximalism. Her stage outfits were a true explosion of colors and sequins. We can't forget her wonderful high-heeled boots or her combat boots and pop-punk belts. Hannah often adorned herself with trendy accessories like flashy earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, contributing to completing her meticulously studied look, befitting a young star. Who hasn't dreamed of living the best of both worlds like her? From the Z Phone, a phone adorned with a thousand stickers and glitter, to her walk-in wardrobe. Our reaction upon seeing it was the same as her best friend Lily's: everyone dreamed of having it in their home.

Rocky Blue's Style

When it came to choosing a sporty yet feminine look, we could only turn to Rocky Blue, the protagonist of Shake It Up. Remember, these were the years when there was nothing more statement than a pair of Converse —even Avril Lavigne was obsessed with them—paired with lace or sheer leggings. It's strange to see Zendaya as a young dancer; we're now accustomed to her elegant and sophisticated red carpet outfits. However, during the Disney Channel days, she enchanted us with casual outfits featuring maxi belts, dresses over skinny pants, and colorful bombers. Did it work so well because of the mix of different styles? Were so many accessories really necessary? The answer to both questions is yes.

Alex Russo's Outfits

There's no doubt that Alex Russo is considered the most stylish Disney icon. In Wizards of Waverly Place we witnessed an endless parade of outfits that influenced us to the point where we never abandoned layering, one of the main trends of 2023. Alex's distinctive trait was the combination of as many styles as possible, with lots of necklaces and thin scarves, tall boots, and skinny jeans. The messy aesthetic, in line with the lively and charismatic character, had us hooked: Alex Russo was the IT girl we all wanted to be, even with her magic wand stuck in her boot, ready to change outfits whenever she pleased.

Raven Baxter's Originality

Raven Baxter wins the award for 2024 inspo. Synthetic fur is one of the trends of this new year as we abandon the clean-girl aesthetic to embrace a bolder style, unafraid to dare with colors, makeup, and unique hairstyles. The eccentric protagonist of That's so Raven left us with many looks to draw inspiration from, featuring a whirlwind of colors, prints, and jackets we'd want in our wardrobe. A distinctive aspect of her style is the tendency to create unique outfits; her best looks were often her DIY projects, transforming ordinary pieces into masterpieces. For Raven, fashion was a free medium to express her individuality, and we should all treasure this lesson.

Sharpay Evans is Barbiecore

Gabriella may have been the protagonist of the love story that made us dream, but Sharpay was the star of the High School Musical trilogy's outfits. Her looks are an ode to unbridled femininity, precursors to Barbie's. Sequins, headbands, pink everywhere, coordinated outfits, exaggerated boots, fringes, studs, and big sunglasses—everything we'd want. In those years, MAC's Pink Nouveau lipstick dictated the rules, the perfect pink for Barbie makeup. Our Sharpay absolutely couldn't do without it. She and all the other heroines of our pre-adolescence make adulthood easier, allowing us to replicate their looks and draw inspiration from what we wanted to be, without losing sight of our inner child, but rather making her happy.