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Lingerie brands for curvy girls that (maybe) you don't know

Curvy lingerie that transforms intimate wear into an unforgettable fashion experience

Lingerie brands for curvy girls that (maybe) you don't know Curvy lingerie that transforms intimate wear into an unforgettable fashion experience

More and more brands are recognizing the importance of offering lingerie that caters to a wide range of sizes, allowing every woman, regardless of her curves, to embrace her sensuality with confidence. Intimate apparel for curvy and plus-size women should provide support without compromising on sensuality, ensuring that every woman feels comfortable and self-assured. Designers are creating garments that not only embrace curves but also celebrate beauty in all its forms. Luxurious fabrics, charming details, and captivating designs are transforming plus-size lingerie into an unforgettable fashion experience.

The Importance of Curvy and Plus-Size Lingerie

Plus-size lingerie is not just about fit; it's a statement of self-esteem and inclusivity. Beauty should be defined by diversity rather than unrealistic and Eurocentric norms, so it's important to challenge conventional stereotypes and embrace the diversity of the human body. Plus-size lingerie is evolving, shifting from a functional necessity to an expression of style and authenticity, becoming true fashion elements. These brands are not only addressing the long-standing gap in style options for curvy and plus-size individuals but also supporting body positivity and diversity, ensuring that beauty and style have no size limits.


Elomi is a lingerie brand that has made a mark in the industry for its dedication to offering high-quality and comfortable intimate wear for women of all shapes and sizes. The brand is particularly known for its extensive size range, ranging from cup B to K and from size 36 to 48. This commitment to inclusivity has made Elomi a preferred choice among women seeking intimate wear that not only enhances their figure but also offers uncompromising comfort.


Glamorise stands out for its mission to offer plus-size women intimate wear that combines style and comfort. Founded with the aim of breaking stereotypes related to larger sizes, Glamorise has gained a prominent position in the market thanks to its dedication to intimate apparel that values and celebrates the beauty of every shape.


With a vision focused on empowerment and limitless elegance, Sculptresse offers a unique experience in the world of lingerie. One of Sculptresse's distinctive features is the attention to detail in design of garments that not only fit impeccably but also provide maximum comfort. The range of plus sizes offered by Sculptresse represents a concrete commitment to inclusivity in the world of intimate wear.

Parfait Lingerie

Founded on the idea that every woman deserves to feel confident and charming, Parfait Lingerie has earned a reputation for excellence in the plus-size intimate fashion sector. Each piece is carefully designed to offer optimal support and lasting comfort, reflecting the brand's attention to the specific needs of curvy and plus-size women. Parfait's sophisticated aesthetic is evident in its refined designs and meticulous details, using high-quality fabrics and following the latest fashion trends.


Wacoal has solidified its position as a leader in the plus-size intimate fashion sector. Using high-quality fabrics and following the latest fashion trends, the brand offers a variety of styles ranging from classic to contemporary. Wacoal is not limited to functionality but is committed to creating intimate pieces that are true fashion accessories. From bras to coordinated lingerie, each piece is designed to provide a luxurious and sophisticated feel, highlighting the beauty of the wearer.

Hips & Curves

Hips & Curves, a cutting-edge plus-size lingerie brand, stands out for its commitment to offering intimate wear that celebrates and enhances feminine curves. Founded with the idea of promoting self-esteem and sensuality in every woman, Hips & Curves has gained a reputation for its extensive range of high-quality garments that blend style and comfort. The use of luxurious fabrics and refined details gives the pieces a touch of elegance, demonstrating that plus-size lingerie can be both fashionable and sophisticated.


Chantelle asserts itself as a leading brand in plus-size lingerie, successfully combining comfort, impeccable fit, and sophisticated design. With a constant dedication to innovation and refined aesthetics, Chantelle continues to set standards of elegance in the realm of curvy and plus-size intimate wear, proving that plus-size and curvy intimate fashion can be both refined and fashionable.