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The looks to be copied by the protagonists of Christmas movies

Who among us doesn't have a comfort movie look for Christmas?

The looks to be copied by the protagonists of Christmas movies Who among us doesn't have a comfort movie look for Christmas?

The sweet scent of freshly baked cookies, the sparkling lights adorning the streets, and the warm family atmosphere – Christmas is a season that evokes feelings of joy and nostalgia. As we gradually immerse ourselves in the heart of the festivities, a tradition has emerged that is as important as the Christmas feast itself: Christmas movies that year after year mark this period.

The heroines of Christmas movies

These movies are not just entertainment; they are a cinematic embrace that envelops us in a familiar warmth and brings back memories of past holidays, while eagerly awaiting new releases each year to create additional cherished moments. The list is not long, and we at nss G-Club know well that the true heroines of Christmas on screen are few and are favorites for all of us. They made us hope from a young age for a Christmas love that would suddenly blossom like snowflakes, making daydreaming much easier, between a kiss under the mistletoe and a hot chocolate adorned with shared marshmallows.

Juliet in "Love, Actually"

Juliet is portrayed by the actress Keira Knightley, one of Britain's most contagious smiles and the star of many other iconic love stories. Juliet's character is a young newlywed woman caught in a complicated plot. She not only ends up being courted by two men, but they happen to be her new husband's best friend. Remember, it's thanks to this love triangle that we have one of the most romantic scenes in cinema, not only during Christmas.

The overall styling of "Love, Actually" is distinctly Y2K but has been a topic of debate and still is. Some love it, and some hate it, and both arguments have valid points. Do you recall the blue hat Juliet wears in one of the film scenes? In an interview, Keira mentioned that she had to wear it because she had a huge pimple on her head. "That's the problem with being 17 and making movies. It was massive. We had to find a hat to cover it. There was no lighting, no makeup that could cover it." In all of this, hat or no hat, we can admit that the wedding dress worn in the wedding scene has remained iconic. It is a form-fitting corset dress that maintains the classic lengths of a wedding dress (with a long train) but is sensual and very contemporary with its use of sheerness and feathery decorative details.

Kate in "Last Christmas"

"Last Christmas" is one of those movies that leaves you with a void and a pile of tissues next to you on the couch. It tells the story of Kate, a young woman who works disguised as an elf in a year-round Christmas store in central London but dreams of becoming a singer. Portrayed by the wonderful Emilia Clarke, who gives us eccentric outfits in multiple films.

It must be said, for those who love bows and fur, Kate's outfit is one that has surely crossed your mind at least once for a party or a classic Christmas dinner, in shades of green, black, and white. It may be an elf look, but nothing too excessive to take your Christmas Game to the next level. Let's not forget a very trendy cheetah-printed coat, even proposed by YSL in an elegant and certainly not modest version. Fur coats – whether synthetic or, at most, vintage – have come back into fashion since the French aesthetic took over. That's why, especially this year, we should pay attention to Kate's outfit.

Amanda Woods in "The Holiday"

With an all-star cast, this 2006 romantic comedy revolves around two women who decide to exchange homes during the Christmas holidays to escape the problems of everyday life. During this exchange, both unexpectedly find love. Cameron Diaz, who plays one of the two protagonists, never disappoints with her glamorous looks.

Thanks to her classy, monochromatic outfits in white and/or black tones, Amanda perfectly reflects the characteristics of a business-oriented, independent, and certainly affluent woman. Honorable mention to the all-white – whether icy or cream – which is always a stunning choice in winter to break the routine of dark colors dedicated to the season, especially during the holidays. Moreover, shearling is a must-have clothing item for every winter, easy to find in good condition even in some vintage shops at affordable prices. Diaz revealed in an interview that to choose the costumes, she spent a whole day "in a huge dressing room full of every piece of cashmere available in the world. I gathered every piece, and it was all a wall of cashmere sweaters and coats." Not bad, right?

Elise in "New Year's Eve"

Definitely another film with an enviable cast, the plot revolves around different interconnected stories of people living in New York City on New Year's Eve. Their lives intertwine in surprising and romantic ways as they seek love and lose it on this night where everything seems possible. Among them is Elise, played by Glee star Lea Michele. Elise is a singer who gets stuck in the elevator of her building with her neighbor, a struggling comic book artist, Randy (Ashton Kutcher), who hates New Year's Eve due to a past heartbreak on this day. The two fall in love during these hours spent together, but once the elevator is unlocked, Elise finally goes to work: singing with Bon Jovi for the Times Square concert that Randy ultimately attends. The film was released when we were still used to seeing Lea Michele as Rachel Berry in Glee, always dressed modestly and not at all sensually, so the cultural reset caused by the famous red dress worn in the film should not be overlooked. Red is undoubtedly the go-to color during the Christmas season, and despite trying to overcome it in various ways, it is always the choice that is most easily embraced. Sexy and impactful, regardless of our monochromatic season, it is impossible not to have the emergency red dress for such events.

Sara in "Serendipity"

A cult film ranked among those not to be missed at Christmas and those romantic enough to watch all year round, including Valentine's Day. During a chaotic pre-Christmas shopping day in the accessories department of Bloomingdale's, Jonathan Trager meets Sara Thomas, played by Kate Beckinsale. Both would like to buy the same pair of gloves as a gift for their respective partners. The two, immediately feeling a mutual attraction, spend the following hours chatting at the Serendipity cafe and skating in Central Park. At the end of the day, Jonathan suggests exchanging phone numbers, but she refuses, suggesting that fate should decide for them. If they are meant to be together, she says, they will find a way into each other's lives.


Sara embodies effortless elegance with a natural and polished look. Her outfits, characterized by classic cuts and feminine silhouettes like slip dresses and flared skirts, reflect the influence of the '90s with oversized coats and leather jackets paired with straight jeans. For the holidays, Sara would recommend cashmere gloves and a statement scarf, like the bordeaux one that adds a vibrant touch and visual contrast to the look. Opting for a cherry color communicates sophistication, warmth, and distinctive style.

The undisputed heroines of Christmas can teach us something about making our festive looks more cinematic or impactful. The only compromise is to enjoy the annual rewatch of these films that will accompany you on cold winter nights between a slice of panettone and a hot chocolate.