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The plus size brand you may not know about

Everyone deserves to feel confident

The plus size brand you may not know about Everyone deserves to feel confident

Long gone are the days when the industry's standards were defined by a narrow range of sizes, as designers, brands, and consumers now embrace diversity and celebrate beauty in all its forms. From size and ethnicity to gender and ability, the push for inclusivity is transforming the way fashion is created, marketed, and consumed. A significant aspect of inclusivity in fashion is the acknowledgment and celebration of all body types. The move towards size inclusivity involves designing and offering clothing for a broad range of sizes, ensuring that individuals of various body shapes have access to stylish and well-fitting clothes.

Here's a look at some of the emerging plus-size and curvy fashion brands making waves in the market:

Chopova Lowena

Chopova Lowena emerges as a brand that seamlessly fuses tradition with avant-garde design. Co-founded by Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena, the brand is notorious for its unique approach to craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainability, reducing fashion's environmental footprint by using vintage and deadstock fabrics. The brand embraces diversity in its runway castings and offers a range of sizing options, reinforcing the belief that fashion should be accessible to everyone, regardless of shape or size.

KAI Collective

Kai Collective, founded by Fisayo Longe, is a black owned and female owned brand that has gained attention for its celebration of women and diverse beauty. At the heart of Kai Collective's identity is a dedication to vibrant and eye-catching designs. From striking patterns to vivid colors, each piece is a statement, reflecting a fearless approach to style. The brand offers a diverse and inclusive range of sizes, ensuring that women of all shapes and proportions can indulge in the empowering designs and embrace their individuality with confidence. Kai Collective is also notable for its commitment to sustainability. The brand uses eco-friendly materials and implements ethical production practices, aligning with the growing demand for fashion that prioritizes environmental responsibility. By featuring models of various ethnicities and backgrounds in campaigns, Kai Collective challenges industry norms and advocates for a more representative and inclusive fashion landscape.

Karoline Vitto

Karoline Vitto is a rising star in the fashion industry, making waves with her eponymous brand that blends sustainability, innovation, and style. Founded on the principles of ethical fashion, Karoline Vitto's designs seamlessly merge environmental consciousness with contemporary aesthetics. Each piece is carefully crafted, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality. The brand consistently advocates for diverse body shapes and sizes, sending a powerful message about the importance of inclusivity in the fashion industry. Her collections place a strong emphasis on using sustainable materials, ranging from organic cotton to recycled fabrics and proves that fashion can be both eco-conscious, inclusive and stylish, challenging industry norms and inspiring others to follow suit.


Founded by Baukjen de Swaan Arons, is a London-based brand that prioritizes eco-friendly materials and ethical production processes, that variate from organic cotton to recycled fabrics. From chic dresses to tailored separates, Baukjen's aesthetic is a celebration of simplicity, allowing women to build a timeless wardrobe that effortlessly transitions from day to night. The brand recognizes the beauty in diversity, also in its campaigns that forecast a wide range of sizing options and diverse representation, fostering a sense of inclusivity that goes beyond clothing. By celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, Baukjen reinforces the idea that fashion is a form of self-expression for every individual.

Sinéad O'Dwyer

Sinéad O'Dwyer has gained recognition for her commitment to inclusivity and her innovative approach to fashion. At the core of O'Dwyer's work is a celebration of diverse body shapes. Her designs embrace and accentuate a range of sizes, promoting a more inclusive and representative industry. The brand's aesthetic is characterized by incorporation of sculptural elements into fashion, featuring avant-garde designs, intricate detailing, and a fearless exploration of materials.  This artistic exploration sets O'Dwyer apart, attracting those who view fashion as a means of self-expression and empowerment.