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Anna Winck and Cannari-Concept seeks to fulfill your teenage dreams

Interview with creative director and it-girl

Anna Winck and Cannari-Concept seeks to fulfill your teenage dreams Interview with creative director and it-girl

The Copenhagen-based brand Cannari-Concept embraces late 90’s nostalgia and the wonders of teenage freedom while adding a touch of fearless confidence. Following the release of it’s debut-collection, G-Club joins creative director and ‘it-girl’ Anna Winck in a Q&A about the ups and downs of her new role, what’s missing in the Scandinavian fashion scene, and what to expect of Cannari-Concept in the future.

Tell me about the early beginnings of the brand – How did Cannari-Concept come into flourishing?

The beginning of Cannari-Concept felt almost like fate! I have always had a creative mind, and dreamt of working in design, but had not yet ventured into that area on my own. When Birger Christensen Collective approached me with the initial idea of the brand, it felt so natural. The idea was to build a brand that could connect to the new generation, that embraced a new aesthetic and mindset, prioritizing environmental responsibility, inclusivity and creativity. And that was the beginning of our very exciting journey!

What’s the story behind the Cannari-Concept name and logo?

The name was inspired by my favorite tattoo of Tweety Bird, who is a little Canary bird. We then adapted the name to 'Cannari' and eventually landed on 'Cannari-Concept'. The brand is about so much more than just clothing and so it felt important that the name was more conceptual and open ended.

What’s Cannari-Concept’s main brand ethos and aesthetic?

Cannari-Concept is really about embracing your own style, finding what you think is cool and what makes you feel confident. It is very much inspired by childhood nostalgia and late 90s pop culture references. It’s both naïve but mature, and in that, it’s empowering. 

Something that is deeply rooted at the core of Cannari-Concept is our approach to sustainability. We really want to show that you can work with better fabrics and better producers – meaning we only work with certified fabrics, recycled and/or recyclable materials following third-party recommendations that define the best standards in the industry; 100% organic cotton, 100% recycled denim, merino wool, recycled wool. Reducing waste is also one of our big focuses. Measures like only producing to order, repurposing our own deadstock when designing, and using 3D design software to create virtual samples allow us to reduce waste throughout the process.
It is a big part of our brand’s journey, and we are always learning how to continue to grow, but it is a top priority.

This is your first dip into a creative director role at a fashion brand – What’s been the hardest part of your journey within this new role at Cannari-Concept? And what’s been the best part?

The world of design is pretty new to me, and so it is full of obstacles and challenges. The hardest part for me, has been to establish the balance between originality and inspiration. Naturally, I am constantly inspired by the things that I am seeing on the streets, on social media or when I am traveling, and am excited to create my own versions of these things, but I am working now to make sure that everything we create for Cannari-Concept feels inherent and unique to the brand. The best thing is being able to create my dream wardrobe; bringing the clothing that has given me confidence, empowerment and made me the person I am to other people, is the greatest honor!

Nostalgia seems to be at the core of the brand offerings – What are some specific moments that directly inspired the debut AW23 collection, and the coming SS24 collection?

The debut collection really embraces the core principles of nostalgia. It is crafted to transport the wearer to their teenage years, bringing that sense of freedom and naiveté with it. We also drew inspiration from the cult 90’s movie ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, where the costumes stand out for their care-free coolness. The initial collection needed to convey the mood of the brand, so this was the main focus in this collection. For the Spring 2024, we focused more on the design, and on the idea of deconstruction. Deconstruction of traditions, mindsets, and garments. We have created a collection that allows for individualism, presenting a range of garments created to be buildable, playful, and subversive. The collection is still heavily inspired by nostalgic fashion, specifically the late 90’s youth subculture.

Cannari-Concept’s Head Designer, Emma Vivian, has experience from Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton – Could you share some insights on the design process between you and Emma, and how your creative vision intertwines with each other?

Emma is amazing! We sit right next to each other, day in and day out, and so we have grown incredibly close. We are just constantly chatting and throwing ideas around. Emma comes from a background of luxury fashion design, and so she possesses a deep understanding and expertise in specific areas of design: techniques, details and textiles. Together we are able to take my creative vision, and put it into reality!

What’s Cannari-Concept bringing that, in your opinion, is missing within the Scandinavian fashion scene?

Scandinavian fashion still tends to play it safe. The Scandinavian brands stick to classic models, creating capsule pieces. We are bringing silhouettes and aesthetics that are not typically Scandinavian - inspired by streetwear and vintage fashion in London or New York. It is great to see our Scandi community challenging these norms by wearing our pieces!

Of course it’s the early beginnings, having just launched the debut collection, but what can we expect from Cannari-Concept in the future?

With each and every collection that we are designing for Cannari-Concept, the brand takes shape more and more. We are becoming bolder, and more confident in our designs, patterns and overall statement. We are so excited to keep presenting what we can do, and to see the responses, because as you say, we are only at the beginning of a very exciting journey!