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Is the Altoids Wallet the must-have accessory this autumn?

What is the Messy Girl Aesthetic

Is the Altoids Wallet the must-have accessory this autumn? What is the Messy Girl Aesthetic

In contrast to the "clean-girl aesthetic" – currently espoused by celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Sofia Richie, – which many consider exclusive because it glorifies straight hair (not easily achievable for everyone) and minimalist make-up that leaves those with acne on their faces, there is the comprehensive "messy-girl aesthetic" This aesthetic also extends to home décor, known as "cluttercore"," intentionally messy and far removed from Marie Kondo's advice.

The look of the messy-girl aesthetic

Thanks to TikToker Alix Earle, who proudly calls herself "a "hot mess"," people are realising that they don't have to pretend to have an organised life – and a tidy wardrobe – to be happy. Alix shares her student lifestyle with her millions of followers and isn't afraid to address the less glamorous aspects of her party-filled life. Her messy room and lifestyle are a realistic change of pace for anyone who feels guilty about not getting up at 5am every day to do yoga.



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The messy-girl aesthetic is particularly suited to the approaching autumn. The cooler temperatures allow us to wear layers that aren't possible in the summer, and that's crucial to the look we're trying to create. These outfits combine different styles without you even noticing: a lace blouse with a shabby leather jacket and UGG boots? That could work. Combine an elegant maxi skirt with a sporty bomber and a hoodie? The choice should be easier than it seems, creating a unique look you wouldn't find in a shop window.

This style is often associated with a grunge look, especially with hair. One of the best ways to accentuate a messy girl is to match her hairstyle to the rest. Remember Serena van der Woodsen? Her messy waves are emblematic of this genre and can serve as inspiration along with a messy chignon or scattered braids.

So what goes best with this look? There's usually a certain level of comfort in messy, so baggy is perfect. Instead of figure-hugging garments, go for oversized. The energy that goes with it's more on the "this is how I woke up" wave, literally. For the same reason: a top and trousers with completely different colours and patterns? That's just the thing. If you wear them together in one outfit, it can – surprisingly – work. This is a characteristic feature of Blanca Mirò's style: patterns, fabrics and modern taste combined with retro.

Choose "chaotic clashes" to look chaotic but bold, someone who dares because she wants to. A final tip is to choose a disruptive element that has to do with symmetry rather than patterns or combinations: Asymmetrical pieces, even if they aren't on trend for more than one season, can be a good choice for the messy-girl aesthetic.

For Generation Z, the term "messy" has shed its negative connotations and become a way of life to consider. In a time when worries abound, there is no harm in letting go in terms of personal style and channelling the artistic streak that has fallen by the wayside due to following standardised and imposed norms.

What is the Altoids Wallet?

The latest invention is the "Altoids Wallet"," an extremely simple idea that can be transformed into a customised and just the right messy accessory. It's nothing more than a wallet – or pocket organiser – created by emptying an Altoids mint tin that has been in circulation in the UK and US for over two hundred years. The Altoids-inspired purse is a pocket-sized accessory that fits into even the smallest mini-pockets and has taken TikTok by storm. The redesigned mint tin adapts to your needs and is a way to express creativity through unconventional design.

The beauty of this little item is that it can be customised with stickers, ribbons and various collages, including Polaroid memories, and holds the essentials for a chaotic girl who still wants to carry everything she needs for a day out. From lighters to lip gloss and earplugs to medicines, Altoids' purse is a minimalist exercise in focusing on what you need when you're away from home. But it's also an exercise in style, because it reflects the personality and authentic taste of its owner when they put it together themselves. So we have come to the compromise that clutter isn't a bad thing. It's a way of expressing yourself that has been suppressed for so long, and even if everything isn't perfect, that's okay – your look will still be impeccable.