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Maya Hawke, all about the actress daughter of Uma Thurman

An overview of the stars of this Cancer season, with their best appearances and eye-catching Prada looks

Maya Hawke, all about the actress daughter of Uma Thurman An overview of the stars of this Cancer season, with their best appearances and eye-catching Prada looks

Maya Hawke was born on 8 July 1998. The daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, she describes herself as a singer who juggles music albums and films. As a child, she was immersed in the film world of those years when her mother was Tarantino's irreplaceable muse. After playing Jo March in the BBC adaptation of "Little Women, she made her big screen debut with director Quentin Tarantino, playing a small role in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood".

Films and TV programmes by Maya Hawke

He himself admitted that for a possible 'Kill Bill: Vol. 3', the idea of seeing mother and daughter in the cast would make him anxious. Maya's big debut, however, came in 2019 with the third season of "Stranger Things" in the role of Robin, Steve's love interest and the show's first queer character. There she emerged as a promising new young actress and did not disappoint the expectations of those who were betting on her mother's good genes.

We are looking forward to seeing her in Wes Anderson's new film, which is already available in the US but will only be seen in Italy from 14 September. "Asteroid City" boasts an exceptional cast, as we have come to expect from the director, including Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson and Tilda Swinton, who flanked Hawke on the press tour, which also took in Cannes and the recent New York premiere. When it comes to her looks, it can not be said that the actress shies away from them. While she always remains elegant, she was a revelation at the Alice Tully Hall photocall. Once again, she is the model all stylists dream of. She wears a gorgeous Prada dress, tailored for her by the brand's team of stylists in reference to the 1950s, the era in which the film is set.

The love story between Maya Hawke and fashion

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Indeed, the star's love story that interests us most is the one with the Prada brand, which seems to best suit Maya's elegant but daring spirit. We can not help but remember the stunning white dress she wore to this year's Met Gala, which became one of the most talked about looks - in a good way, of course - because it was a real wedding dress. "I feel like if I ever get married, it's going to be in white cotton pyjamas, so we thought why not put on a chic white dress for once in my life," she told Vogue when asked about her outfit. She and her stylist Harry Lambert worked with the Prada team to create a bridal look that explored the idea of beauty and celebrated fine craftsmanship. The end result was a mini dress embellished with flowers and delicate bows, topped off with an equally ornate ivory cape. Karl Lagerfeld - to whom this year's event was dedicated - was known for designing wedding dresses in his haute couture shows, and this was the best way to celebrate him.

His career started in fashion and it shows. Before turning to film and television full-time, she also worked as a model and debuted as a testimonial for British fashion brand AllSaints in 2016. The following year, directed by Sofia Coppola, she appeared in front of the camera for the black and white advertising campaign for Calvin Klein's underwear line SS, alongside Kirsten Dunst and Lauren Hutton.

Maya Hawke's teenage years

Maya, as we have seen, is a girl of many talents and passions, she adores and lives art in all its forms. As you'd expect, she's also a singer-songwriter and writer, she loves Shakespeare's poetry and J.P. Shanley, though it was not easy to take that path after her difficult past in high school. In an interview in 2020, she recounted a traumatic experience in her school days when she was expelled because - according to the teachers - she 'could not read'. Fortunately, she did not let that affect her and now - with the help of her parents and therapy - she can look back on a brilliant all-round career, releasing several singles from 2019 until her latest track Thérèse (2022).

On the list of promising young talents of this century, one should undoubtedly keep an eye on a promising and versatile woman like Maya Hawke. With her enviable style, spontaneity and drive, she has managed to gain a large fan base that is able to distance her from her parental figures and recognise her as a true and genuine talent. Best wishes and ad maiora, Maya!