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Harry Styles, The Weeknd and Maneskin: here's fashion inspiration for concerts

Come vestirti per la data che aspetti da mesi e matchare l’aesthetic del tour

Harry Styles, The Weeknd and Maneskin: here's fashion inspiration for concerts Come vestirti per la data che aspetti da mesi e matchare l’aesthetic del tour

In 2023, Italy will host some of the most anticipated tours of the current music scene. While there used to be a fairly standard concert "uniform" consisting of jeans and a T-shirt from the artist's merchandise, concerts have now become full-fledged events filled with extravagant fashion choices inspired by the artist's aesthetic. Artists' stage costumes are an important part of the success and recognition of their tours, and now we audiences are following suit. Meanwhile, it's not just the venue that should be considered when dressing for a concert, but also the genre and fil rouge of the album as a whole. The hashtag on TikTok that the Swifties created to showcase their fit (#erastouroutfit) has 363 million views and most of the outfits, get ready, are not comfortable.

@luisaferss11 Some of my favorite outfits in the Eras Tour Tampa 2nd night #TampaTSTheErasTour #TSTheErasTour #yourerastouroutfit #erastouroutfit #swiftie #erastour Karma - Taylor Swift

The key to the perfect concert look is to combine some distinctive elements of the artist's style with your own personal style, be it a particular colour or recognisable symbol or phrase. On Pinterest, it's not hard to find already "pre-made" mood boards for a concert look that works, but let us take a look together at some of the stars of the international music scene and their touring mood. July is going to be a very busy month and luckily for the most anticipated dates, there are still enough days left to search online for the perfect look. Indeed, the first to perform in their home country with no less than five dates between Trieste, Rome and Milan are Måneskin. Their looks have been a talking point since they appeared on the X Factor stage a good six years ago. The group has practically become a style icon and the outfits they offer are a reinterpretation for rock music stars of the gritty 1970s. Glitter, leather and fur and cut-out tops are the ingredients of the most praised looks, but when you think of the hot Italian summer and the time you will spend under the stage, you have to think funny.

To achieve a look worthy of a rock star without resorting to the hottest materials, we suggest a see-through dress, which luckily is also a trend this 2023, and for the right transparency you also need the right underwear. A glittery bralette is always a good choice, even better when combined with the bottom, or star-shaped nipple covers a là Victoria de Angelis are absolutely perfect for those who dare, finally ending with platform boots or Converse shoes, depending on your stamina.

As for make-up, the rule is to smudge vaguely with black pencil, like a star who just woke up after a night of drinking and did not remove her make-up before going to bed at five in the morning. Glitter is also a good idea, preferably black with metallic undertones like the Lemonhead L.A. cosmetics proposal in the colour GROUPIE, the name is a clue: a bright but dark explosion that can define your look by making you look like a god of the night under the stadium lights.

The most important date of the summer is undoubtedly the last date of Harry Styles' Love On Tour, which will take place in Reggio Emilia on 22 July. in 2018, the RFC Arena was completed, with a capacity of up to 100. 000 people. For this reason, you need a look whose motto is to stand out from the crowd. Luckily, we already have the testimonies of the previous dates to understand the mood of the whole show, but if we had previously focused on darker colours, now it's time to venture as much as possible by bringing out the brightest shades of your crest.

The ideas for this look are limitless, starting with sequins, eccentric hats and feathered boas. Heart printed shorts or fluttery floral mini dresses are absolutely perfect, as are jumpsuits completely covered in sequins. Admittedly, it's not easy to follow the artist's lead considering how many different stage costumes he wears while on tour, but that's exactly why you can treat yourself to an unpredictable look that's as unique and personal as possible. To match Mr. Styles and be comfortable at the same time, Adidas trainers in a vintage model like Gazelle or Samba can be great, but for those who feel up to it, the most unique and eye-catching Texan boot you can find is highly recommended.

Also in July, this time with two dates in Milan, we witness another tour that has been much talked about for its scenic stage performance, which - according to the theories of many - is reminiscent of cultic rituals. Of course, we are talking about The Weeknd, so the appropriate outfit is one that a stargirl would wear. If you wear sunglasses in the middle of the night, you will not look weird at all, you'll just pass the artist's vibe check. The look for this kind of concert does not have to be glitzy, on the contrary, a simple colour palette can work well with an addition of gold or silver to give it a sombre touch, for example a skirt with metallic hoops like those offered by Paco Rabanne.

The most important thing is to dress as a celebrity would dress for a concert in this case. Let us take a look at some of the looks real-life stargirls like Simi Khadra and Kendall Jenner wore on one of the tour dates in the US, simple but striking with richly printed tops and mini skirts. These suggestions are perfect for dancing comfortably and also for letting off steam on Instagram after the concert. As far as make-up is concerned, you are on the safe side with a glam in nude shades, but with a smokey eye in metallic gold and silver tones that pick up your accessories.

@jennercliips #kendalljenner #theweeknd save your tears sped up - autumn <3

Of course, there are must-haves for every concert that are functional and definitely not to be missed. Here's a list of examples so you are not unprepared on your big day this summer.