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What is foodcore, TikTok's food-inspired aesthetic

Are you strawberry girls or mango girls?

What is foodcore, TikTok's food-inspired aesthetic Are you strawberry girls or mango girls?

It seems that every 20 minutes a new core is born on TikTok. From the now "ancient" that girl to cottagecore to mermaidcore that seeks to turn us all into fascinating creatures of the deep, the creators' imagination has never ceased to continue churning out moodboard videos that describe a supposed new aesthetic to name our style. The latest inspiration comes from the world of food, from tomatoes, strawberries, mangoes and eggs. We simply choose a vegetable or fruit and let the mind run wild, creating before our eyes images of clothes, make-up, sights, activities and music that are even remotely related to the feelings and tastes suggested by that vegetable. In short, tomatoes are red, they make you think of Mediterranean cuisine and the sauce your grandmother made for you, then the tomato girl wears red, loves tradition, holidays in southern Italy and making fresh pasta at home. Everything is vague and sometimes the aesthetics seem interchangeable, differing only in a few elements, but on TikTok the various hashtags that identify them garner views. Perhaps the secret of Foodcore's success is the playful aspect that allows us to ask ourselves whether we are onion girls or cherry girls, with the same attention and intensity with which we read the horoscope and interpret it as possible directions to follow, which we blindly believe when they bring us positivity and distance ourselves from when they only give us negative vibes.

We have already talked about tomato girls, but what about the other TikTok vegetables? Here's a short list and everything you need to know about these foodcores.


Mango Girls

@lovefacepam Eating mangos all day #mango #mangogirls #tropical #aesthetic The Girl from Ipanema by Gilberto and Getz - Mr. Mild Social Anxiety

The Mango Girls would live year-round in bikinis, sipping fruit cocktails through funny straws and sinking their feet into the sand of a tropical island where the sea is as blue as it gets. They feed on what nature produces and love fruit salads, grilled fish and coconut water. Their trousseau is full of coconut, mango and papaya sun creams and lotions, while their wardrobe consists almost entirely of beachwear, swimming costumes, sarongs, a few camps with floral prints and bright colours, and flip-flops are the only footwear they wear unless they are barefoot. When they are not snorkelling on the reef, the only other activity the Mango Girls enjoy is fighting for the rights of the sea. Will their favourite film be The Little Mermaid, Point Break or Blue Crush?


Strawberry Girl

@tswiftyfanclub Replying to @willowm_2062 per request! #foryou #strawberrygirl #pink #strawberrygirlaesthetic #fyp #inspo som original - ˚ ⋆。˚ ⋆ . ˚

Strawberry Girl's aesthetic is a mix of coquette and ballet, topped with a sugary pink frosting. Her world consists of pink dresses with hints of white and red, where romance and an almost fairytale atmosphere prevail. She is just as comfortable in the city as she is in the countryside. If you want to win a strawberry girl over, take her to the ballet, to a picnic in a garden full of flowers or give her candy floss and a kiss on the top of the Ferris wheel.


Cherry Girls

@dreamingofdior Replying to @arielledalia #hyperfeminine #cherrygirl #coquette #lanadelrey every man gets his wish lana del rey - sophie

We can call the Cherry Girl a Parisian version of the Tomato Girl. The two share a passion for good food, wine, literature and relaxing baths, as well as for the colour red. However, Cherry Girl's preferred shade is deeper and darker, similar to the hue of black cherries. The other difference? There is a certain amount of sexiness in their aesthetic, which they show in both their clothes and make-up, for example with siren eyes and scarlet lips.


Baked Beans Girls

@selfcarewn Replying to @

If the Baked Beans Girls were a zodiac sign, they might be Sagittarius. Like everyone born between November and December, they are independent and adventurous, love to travel and do new activities. All it takes is a breakfast of oatmeal chai latte and avocado toast and they are ready to face the day with positivity and curiosity. Their wardrobe? Full of brown clothes and earthy tones. When it comes to beauty, they prefer no make-up and focus on meticulous skin care. Therefore, there is no lack of face masks, cleansers and gentle creams in their trousse.


Hard Boiled Eggs Girls

@selfcarewn Replying to @ْ hard boiled egg girls

If she popped up in the dictionary, we'd probably find a picture of Hailey Bieber next to her entry, because the real Hard Boiled Eggs Girl is a super-enthusiast when it comes to skincare. She knows the names of all the latest products and could spend hours trying them out and reviewing them on TikTok. Every week she renews her manicure, choosing between French, glazed donut nails or vanilla chrome nails. The same shades define her looks, including slip dresses, tank tops and outerwear in ivory or pastel colours.


Onion Girls

@ann.ras Part 1 | mmmm #onion #onionmood #onionseason #fruitgirlsummer #fruitgirls #whatfruitareyou #oniongirl #pinterestaesthetic #Aesthetic #pinterestinspo #pinterestdump #pinterest #inspo #pinterestinspired #inspiration #dailyinspoforyou #AestheticVideo #whimsical #film #Summer #fruit #summerfruit #onionseason #macdemarcomarryme #macdemarcosong #darkskin #PrettyBlackGirl #pinterestgirl #slideshow #inspogirls #summer2023loading #girlhood #womanhood #aesthetic original sound

Camping, hiking, horseback riding, climbing, archery, ... The Onion Girl loves outdoor activities and would live in trainers, hiking boots and gorpcore clothes all year round. She wastes no time on make-up and skincare and prefers multifunctional products.