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The fashion trends of the "European summer" we are all waiting for

What to pack this summer?

The fashion trends of the European summer we are all waiting for What to pack this summer?

May has come to an end and although astronomically speaking the summer season has not officially begun, we are now anticipating the warmth of the sun on our skin. Memories of last summer begin to peep out as we approach the warmer days and thoughts immediately go to the outfits worn the previous year and especially whether they will fit for our rite beach vacation or long evenings until dawn. Fueling this feeling of eager anticipation comes TikTok with its trends as always: the latest is to dance to ABBA's "Money, Money, Money" with the most faithful "Mamma Mia" style backdrop you can find and a fluttering dress.


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If you and your friends are consulting on the Whatsapp group about what to pack that will be suitable for the nights of your "European Summer"-as the American girls call it-continue reading this article and share it with them to reassure them: we are going to list the must-haves that will solve this dilemma and make you feel just like the protagonists of a movie. Let's start from the bottom and remember the importance of having a pair of comfortable sandals to dance the night away without regretting it the next day...fortunately, by now kitten heels have replaced sky-high stilettos in the trends of this 2023 and they are also more suitable for walking in the steep, san-stone-filled streets of a seaside town.

The stars this summer are sandals with a vintage look - or just luxury vintage finds if you're lucky enough - pointed, open but with appliqués of large fabric flowers, in blue denim or with pretty little bows. They will be your faithful companions for a more elegant and sophisticated outfit when the sun goes down but also for a walk in search of the perfect souvenir during the day. 

On to clothes: what could be more versatile than a nice cover-up? Imagine having to go from the beach straight to a restaurant and then stay out without going through the hotel, only he can save you. The trend has already arrived in chains such as H&M and Zara at super affordable prices, these are long (or mini) dresses made of crocheted sewn mesh, with a see-through mermaid effect and if you want, with a bare back to show off the day's tan. This garment can really pass for dressy or casual depending on the accessories you pair with it and of course the bag you have with you. Classic tote-bag for daytime, sparkly poschette for evening. For color, you can indulge or stay neutral, that's just up to you and what you want to match.

No less important and above all timeless is the silk dress, for years the favourite of all girls. Long or short, with a corset at the waist or without, with straps or without, there really is something for all tastes and all types of body types. The petticoat dress does not seem to want to leave its permanent place in our wardrobes and instantly gives the wearer a sensual look. Our favourite, as well as the celebrities', is the ankle-length dress with an accentuated V-neck.


Tube tops and maxi skirts

Calm Down - Rema & Selena Gomez

We are still talking about a look that's suitable for both day and evening. We know that holidays often drag on longer than we expected, between a thousand sights, restaurant reservations and the time it takes to get from one place to another. The combination of maxi skirt and tube top is perfect, a stylish and well-fitting garment, but it can also be combined with the comfortable Birkenstock Arizona. The colours of these combinations are often plain, but do not disdain a slightly flashier tone, because it is summer after all.

It's time to talk handbags and experience our fantasy Birkin (no, not the Hermès one), but the famous wicker basket that has accompanied the star on every occasion and in every season. Wicker bags are a perfect blend of rustic and summer elegance. Their woven structure gives them a durable and timeless appeal and makes them a true piece of craftsmanship. Whether for a trip to the beach, a stroll around town or an evening out, their versatility makes them perfect companions to casual or more sophisticated outfits, always adding a touch of cool and style. A plus? True fashion gurus will recognise the nod to the British actress and the 1960s, so you can also make a real statement for lovers of fashion culture.

The final piece for a complete look is jewellery: irreplaceable gold hoops - or silver if you have a cool skin tone - hoop bracelets and finish with necklaces that echo the floral appliqués of the sandals: a floral choker to choose a more eccentric accessory and frame your face, even if you are wearing a chignon because it's too hot for open hair. It goes perfectly with any summer occasion and confirms itself as the ideal accessory for an outdoor festival, a romantic evening or a walk on the beach at sunset. You can pair them with an evening dress for a touch of bohemian elegance or wear them for a casual look. Thank you to their versatility, they go with any style, from the most romantic to the trendiest, and add a touch of class to any situation.

Now that your suitcase is as good as ready, make sure it's not too heavy to carry on the plane, and above all, remember that with these tricks, you only need a few pieces of clothing that, when properly coordinated, can eliminate the "what to wear" problem at its root. Only one thing is missing: the right camera! Did not you know that the biggest trend of the season is taking photos for Instagram with an old digital camera? Your gallery will remind you of the romantic charm of your parents' photos from the 1990s and 2000s. The TikTok Girlies therefore recommendyou - with a budget of 50 euros or less - to browse on E-bay or Depop for an Olympus x-775 or, alternatively, a camera with the same features.