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Five made-in-Italy jewelry collections dedicated to summer

They take us straight to the beach, thanks to sea creatures, pop ice cream and icons of the typical Italian summer

Five made-in-Italy jewelry collections dedicated to summer They take us straight to the beach, thanks to sea creatures, pop ice cream and icons of the typical Italian summer

The esthetics of "La Dolce Vita" will not let us go, even in the summer of 2023. And whether it's raining outside or the sun is shining, it's certain that the longing for real vacation destinations, a Mediterranean lifestyle, a pasta with pesto that you eat with your feet in the sand, and a 60s playlist is strong. And jewelry made in Italy is a stark reflection of that. Even the American platform Trendalytics has identified as a major trend the return to ultra-thin necklaces in gold or adorned with pearls. But these designers, all from Italy, wanted to embellish them with an extra statement that transports us back under the beach umbrella to enjoy a calippo before a game of foosball with friends between dives.


Mar, Sol Y Arena by Aliita

Already the brand name conquers. Aliita means important object in Wayuu, the language of the Guajiros who live in the same region of Venezuela where the brand's founder, Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni, grew up. And the collection, inspired by the sea, sums up all the main points of inspiration of the collection already in the title. Corals in the form of seahorses, shells and crabs alternate with pearls and stylized animals that seem to have just emerged from the depths.


Riviera of Bona Calvi

Jewelry designer Bona Calvi dedicates to the Italian summer handmade miniatures that reflect all the beauty of the Italian vacation in its most pop form. The rings are shaped like sunglasses and popsicles, the earrings are decorated with delicious ice cream cones, and the necklaces look like sea creatures that have just emerged from the water. Whoever wears one of these pieces of jewelry carries the taste of the sea that we love so much and that rhymes with lightheartedness and happiness. Everything is handmade in bronze and is the result of a creative process that requires skill, time and dedication.


The Corals 4.0 by Iccio Gioielli

Designer Beatrice Pagani has a passion that she inherited from her grandmother Vera Omodeo. Her muse and favorite sculptor, who, when she was little, always gave her small sculptures created with the grace of handwork. Beatrice also enjoys working with her hands, and she has made coral her statement. Her small strawberries remind us of snacks on the beach under the umbrella. And they are very realistic: all different, like the fruits, they come in four sizes and either on a plain cup or in the version with leaves, handmade with the technique of lost wax. For lovers of the sea, there is no shortage of shells and small fish, those of happiness that no one can catch.

Argentoblu's Mare Collection


The shells, starfish and coral in 925 sterling silver are designed to reflect the warmth of the sun on the skin and the depth of the water in the eyes. The freedom of composition is personal, thanks to the charms that can be combined, but there are also more elaborate maxi rings that lead straight to the bottom of the sea.

Giulia Tamburini's sea creatures

Sea urchins, humpback whales, octopuses and starfish. The Milanese designer's summer vision has two aims: The first is to put us in the water to swim in search of a fantastic creature. The second is to emphasise the craftsmanship of the jewellery, where each of his specimens is the cradle of a particular story. The whale, for example, has a baby and lots of anchovies in its wake. The sea urchin was born from a plaster cast of the skeleton of a tiny specimen that the designer herself collected on the beach.