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Suki Waterhouse is the It girl you're underestimating

Indie Sleaze, Rockstar GF Aesthetics and 80s New Romance have never been so close

Suki Waterhouse is the It girl you're underestimating Indie Sleaze, Rockstar GF Aesthetics and 80s New Romance have never been so close

Suki Waterhouse is certainly not a new name to industry insiders, discovered thanks to TikTok and her musical hit Good Looking. Videos of the versatile artist performing on stage with a sound comparable to 1980s Paisley Underground and hypnotic moves have been flooding everyone's For You page for many months. At this moment she is also attracting attention with a video on stage, but it has less to do with her artistic talents and more to do with her look, a tight purple mini dress that hints at a baby bump.

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With a mixture of irony and coyness, Suki said during a live performance at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico: "I thought I'd wear something sparkly to distract you from something else I've got going on," and then jokingly added: I'm not sure it's working." After months of speculation, she has now confirmed that she is expecting her first child with her long-term boyfriend Robert Pattinson, whom she has been in a relationship with since July 2018. The couple have always kept a low profile and only made their official debut on the Met Gala red carpet in December 2022. Waterhouse gave the only hint of her relationship with Pattinson in an interview in February 2023, in which she said: "I'm shocked that I've been so happy with someone for almost five years."


Suki Waterhouse's beginnings

Suki was born in London and began her modelling career in her teens when a scout approached her in a Topshop shop. It was not long before she was represented by the agency NEXT and made a name for herself in the fashion industry. Then she gradually appeared in the most important magazines in the industry, from Vogue to Burberry's advertising campaigns, it's a short way. Thus, to this day, she has carved out a permanent place for herself in the British It-girl scene, alongside the already well-known Alexa Chung and Poppy Delevingne. From 2013 to 2015, Suki found herself in the eye of the storm thanks to her relationship with actor Bradley Cooper, then 40 years old him and 23 years old her. Needless to say, at the time she was considered a guru by Lana del Rey's followers on Tumblr, where, we recall, the ideal of a stark age difference was depopulated in the manner of Nabokov's very famous novel. And, whether it was a stunt or not, the paparazzi shots of the two of them lying comfortably in the park reading Lolita have remained in web history.

Suki is not only a singer and model, but also an actress. You may remember her in Love, Rosie as Lily Collins' antagonist for the love of Sam Claflin or as Marlene in the Divergent trilogy. As for the fashion system, the model started a handbag brand in 2016 with her friend and entrepreneur Poppy Jamie. Called Pop&Suki, the brand plays with pastel designs and minimal but highly customisable prints. From engraving initials to adding charms, she brought back the idea of customising each accessory, as unique as her style.

Suki's style

Despite her many talents, there's certainly one thing we love her for more than any other, and that's her impeccable aesthetic taste, which wins us over so much that we want to know how we can be as effortlessly cool as she is. The rockstar girlfriend aesthetic has become a trend on social media, especially on Pinterest and TikTok, where we see fantastic mood boards that in 15 seconds or less give us a perfect idea of what our wardrobe (but also our attitude) needs to be like to fit into that particular category. Well, Suki picks up on this style by giving it a rougher connotation, because she is the rock star. Miss Waterhouse's style is rooted in different aesthetics, which is why it is so unique and hard to replicate, but let us go in stages. First of all, the base is indie sleaze, an aesthetic in which the aforementioned Alexa Chung is undoubtedly the protagonist: it's a perfect mix of 90s grunge with its dark colours, 80s New Romance full of corsets used as tops, and shirts with accentuated ruffles to end with a touch of hipster style with oversized sweatshirts from the first decade of the 2000s. A beautiful mix of styles that seem indistinguishable from each other, but Suki's secret is just that: unpredictability. Her hairstyle, a long mullet, is reminiscent of 1960s rock stars, as are the animal prints on her fitted bootcut jeans and faux fur coats. Do not forget to juxtapose different textures and fabrics, lots of leather, velvet, transparency and rhinestones, without overdoing it.

It probably all sounds very contradictory, but one of the cornerstones of our it-girl style is first and foremost the appearance of being that kind of girl who does not spend hours thinking about what to wear, but simply plays with the pieces in her wardrobe that she feels comfortable with. In recent years, as the "messy french girl" trend has gone viral, the style to be emulated is one of extreme simplicity, with red lipstick barely dabbed on the lips and colours never too bright. The London women's counterpart is a different simplicity, hair still dishevelled, eyeliner noticeably smudged and a desire to stand out perhaps reminiscent of the rock bands of the past or Mary Quant's miniskirt. In Suki Waterhouse's wardrobe, there are plenty of dark and seemingly simple clothes (suits, white frilly shirts, pointy Chelsea boots) as well as statement pieces.

We are now at a point where micro trends are trying to sneak into everyone's wardrobe, but if we take a cue from the most followed style icons of recent years, one thing is for sure: we are heading in the right direction with the combination of staples and statement pieces. This expression, where complements are easier than you thought, brings us all to the same denominator. Next time you are wearing an all-black look, why not try playing with textures or adding a graphic tee?