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Loewe Bomber Jacket is it-girl's new fetish now

The secrets of the overcoat making TikTok crazy

Loewe Bomber Jacket is it-girl's new fetish now The secrets of the overcoat making TikTok crazy

Jonathan Anderson has been experimenting with leather and volume for a while now, when Loewe eyewear featured convex and extremely playful frames in his FW21. The creative director did it again in his FW22, this time studying the effect given by the trompe-l'oiel of volume on balloon-shaped bras, lip-shaped tops and even on a nappa leather outerwear that is already the new fetish of the it-girls of the moment. The Loewe Bomber Jacket has been spotted on Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Taylor Russel, and Lori Harvey, and it's blowing up on TikTok as the common denominator of the leisure looks of these well-known faces, but also because of the odd shape that some users have identified, guided by the padding, on the bodies of the models who have worn it. Last but not least, videos are circulating comparing its extreme resemblance to another garment that makes the concept of padding its strength, the Yeezy GAP jacket

Kendall Jenner was the first to popularize the "Glossy Satin Lambskin Padded Bomber Jacket with side pockets, elastic cuffs and waist," as it is called by Loewe, by posting shots from her mountain home in Aspen, Colorado, that immediately went viral. The softness of the padding also visible from the one photo and the combo with Emma Brewin's Muppet Hat, another trending item of the year that is coming to an end, combined with the gorpcore infuence of the garment, has driven afecionados of cozy fashion perfect for this winter season crazy. The photo's virality, however, comes not only from those who saved the post to buy a similar bomber jacket at the upcoming winter sales, but from the all kinds of comments Kendall received: "It looks like an under*alla," commented more than one user, while someone else called the garment "an $8000 garbage bag." Considering how fashion and trash have continued their perverse liason for years that leads the industry to create iconic garments that reintepret the concept of the industry's lack of circularity, perhaps the user was right. Despite the condemnations, the Bomber jacket immediately sold out. 

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Worn recently also by Hailey Bieber and Lori Harvey in the nylon version, Loewe's puffer jacket is a modern reinterpretation of the classic aviator-style bomber jacket, more padded and made bulkier because it is inflated with special tech. This similarity made Loewe's jacket immediately connect by mental association also to Yeezy GAP's puffer jackets, which play precisely with the classic pattern and volume, released this June in the two light blue and black colorways before the collaboration between Kanye and the American brand ended for known reasons. Despite this, the heyday for the model has just begun, and it was crowned by Taylor Russell, who posed with Loewe's creative director wearing it. The Bones and All actress has strong ties to the brand and is one of its leading faces: she opened the SS23 show in Paris in October and has worn Anderson's garments on red carpets and in various editorials.